Ann Keffer

Council only doing its job

I want to express my appreciation for the often thankless work that is done to benefit our community by city employees and elected officials, in particular the three council members who are currently under attack for having brought forward a resolution to reaffirm Homer’s commitment to tolerance, inclusivity, and safety for everyone. Although an early draft of the resolution produced controversy, I believe the final draft would have spoken well for Homer.

We all want what’s best for Homer

I’ve tried and tried to write this letter and I keep getting out in the weeds, so this time I’m just going to say it. Yes, the first draft of resolution 17/019 was divisive. It was penned by one person who assumed that version would never see the light of day. But if anyone thinks there aren’t plenty of people in Homer who are that opposed to the Trump administration, they need to get their head out of the sand.

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