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Chamber opposes proposals that would hurt Homer’s commercial fishing fleet

Happy New Year, fellow residents. The Homer Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Center was closed for two weeks over the holidays but I was in the office quite a bit, staying ahead of the work I knew would pile up, and getting those things done that could not wait for my “holiday” to be over.

This week I’m writing a letter, approved by the full Board of Directors,  that opposes Alaska Board of Fisheries Proposals 138, 139, 140, 142 and 143 coming up for review at the end of the month. 

‘Shop local, buy local’ helps area’s economy

At your Homer Chamber of Commerce we’re always looking for ways to increase trade for all our members. We believe, for example, if Joe the Plumber does well, then Harold’s Hardware and Greg the Grocer will prosper too.

With the ease and convenience of Internet buying these days, why should you consider buying locally first?

Here are six great reasons to keep “shop local, buy local” as a priority in the way you do business and shop in Homer:

1. Build community: 

Homer Chamber of Commerce Update

This month I’m going to talk about a subject that previous directors have danced around: the grant we receive from the city of Homer.

Every year the chamber goes before the Homer City Council to ask for, and justify, the allocation from the city that is used to market the city of Homer.  In real terms we have a contract with the city to perform a service. The city realizes that if we didn’t do it, they would have to. But this is a non-departmental allocation that is never assured, and the amount is never “stamped in stone.”

Financially healthy chamber supports community events

Greetings from the helm of your Homer Chamber of Commerce.

As I get to understand better the workings of this organization, the balancing of our finances has made me acutely aware of just how vital our fundraising programs are: They are the fuel that makes the chamber run.

I never understood, for example, that the Jackpot Halibut Derby is our second most important source of funds, next to our membership drive. And the other events we put on that make money keep us solvent through the year.

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