Kesha Etzwiler

Recall about holding officials accountable

In middle school we were taught to use critical thinking skills to research a topic, or debate, to analyze the facts as they present themselves and to come to a conclusion based on the facts presented, to analyze a situation through the lens of information and not the knee-jerk reaction of an emotional response. 

I’d like to dive into and dissect the motivation, narrative and innuendo of the Homer recall and its supporters, to hopefully help bridge the divide that seems to exist. 

Homer above this divisiveness

It’s with a heavy heart I find myself again prompted to speak out and be the voice of many in this community. I’m not a political activist; I’m your every day Homer citizen. Over the last 20 years, I have made your sandwiches at Subway, helped you find hangars at Ulmer’s, checked you in at the airport and marshaled in your aircraft when you returned, bagged your groceries at Safeway, and now I happily prepare your delicious popcorn and greet you with a smile when you come to be entertained at the Homer Theater.

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