Richard Frost

Don’t rush state income tax

I’m a 60-year-old lifetime Alaskan and remember paying my state income tax.

An Income tax is the only way we can get a contribution from the workers that take 25 percent of oilfield money out of state while only buying a beer at the airport in Anchorage as a contribution to our state’s economy.

I was in favor of re-instating it until last week, when I discovered the “Bait and Switch.”

Income tax: bait and switch

Whether you are in favor of the state income tax or not, you should be aware of what appears to be a “bait and switch” by the elected proponents in state government.

They sold us a simple small percentage of fed tax bill, and delivered us a bill that is not fair to all Alaskans. They did not have the current proposal published during elections last fall.

I don’t like to be duped and deceived, and it is more upsetting that it comes from someone I respect and have supported in the past.

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