Teresa Sundmark

New year, new challenge

What books did you read last year? Were they fiction or nonfiction? Did you read any poetry collections or perhaps a memoir? Do you have a new favorite author? 

Most of the books I chose to read in 2015 were from the Homer Public Library’s 15 in ’15 list compiled by the library staff at the beginning of the year. 

The idea behind the 15 in ’15 Reading Challenge was to give people an incentive to read more and read differently. I can say without a doubt that it worked for me. It was also a lot of fun.

A New Year’s goal for you: Resolve to read 15 in 2015

Most of us read every day in one capacity or another. We check our email. We scan the headlines. We might read a few articles that by the end of the day we have largely forgotten. 

But how often do we allow ourselves to get lost in a good book? It seems as though distractions abound, and finding the time to enjoy reading takes a bit of effort.

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