Tom Stroozas

Stroozas: Sustainable future up to all of us

There are many reasons why we live in Homer but a common denominator exists for each of us who reside “at the end of the road” — the majestic and breathtaking beauty that provides a heartfelt appreciation for the wonders of nature and the cordiality of our community.

Homer’s future is up to us; each and every one, young or old, rich or poor. We each have a role and varied opinions regarding our economic and social issues. I have a vision for our community that I will work diligently toward over the next three years as a member of the City Council.

Stroozas: Cuts should come before taxes

There are a number of important issues facing the citizens of Homer today but none more important than electing the two best candidates to City Council leadership for the next three years. Spending must be reined in and the budget must be balanced. And listening to the voters of Homer and giving them true representation is my pledge. The “health, safety and welfare” of our community depends upon it.

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