• Clear weather and sub-freezing cold the past few weeks froze Beluga Lake and other Homer area ponds thick enough to support ice skaters. The wide open spaces of the lake have attracted skaters and walkers the past week, with sometimes dozens of skaters at a time, particularly around mid-afternoon near sunset.

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He was 46 and I was 19. He was the pilot and I was the passenger. He was the highly qualified employee and I was the entry-level new hire. We were the only occupants in the airplane, a Helio 185 heading towards a sportfishing lodge in rural Alaska where I had been hired over the phone for a housekeeping position.


For most of her adult life, writer and filmmaker Jean Aspen has been recording her experiences in remote Alaska as well as in the more settled world. It’s a long habit she came to as the daughter of Arctic adventurers Constance and Harmon “Bud” Helmericks.