Immigrants find entry at Fireweed

  • Student Tiya Martushev plays the role of a seamstress and nurse from the Netherlands; teacher David Lefton plays the part of Highwater Lefkowitz from Austria; and teacher Kim Fine plays the part of Rosina Nazzao, a ravioli maker from Italy, during a recent Fireweed Academy activity about Ellis Island.-Photo provided
  • Fireweed Academy students Anthony Melkomukow, in the role of Kondraty Fefelov, a Russian mechanic; Noah Irons, as Wolfgang, a German musician; and Bea Strobel, as Victoria Gurka, a Polish seamstress, wait for a documentation as they role-play being immigrants arriving at Ellis Island during a recent lesson at Fireweed Academy.-Photo provided

Students, faculty and staff at Fireweed Academy took a trip to Ellis Island and America with a re-enactment of what it was like for immigrants finding entry into this country. With roles and costumes for arriving immigrants and officials, the event included the careful monitoring of a passenger manifest for the ship on which the “immigrants” arrived, boarding of the ship bound for New York and Ellis Island, and arrival at Ellis Island’s great hall. After gaining official entry, the “immigrants” began making themselves at home, unpacking their belongings and enjoying a sampling of ethnic snacks.


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