Letters to Santa

  • Addy Pederson
  • Margo Curtis
  • Alivia Craddock
  • Madi Illg
  • Allie Smircich
  • Brad Shealy
  • Bryce Harley
  • Naveah Lusy
  • Gabe Bradshaw
  • Calvin Wedvik
  • Lars Peterson
  • Alex Brock
  • Reid Rauch
  • Berend Pearson
  • Timmy Cissney
  • Jack Faber
  • Scarlett Uhlig
  • Carson Lauters
  • Arrie Fleenor
  • Britta Velsko
  • David Hrenchir
  • Gracey Bradshaw

Editor’s Note: It’s become a Christmas tradition that every year the first-graders in Wendy Todd’s class at Paul Banks Elementary School share their holiday drawings and letters to Santa. We’ve tried to stay true to the kids’ spelling.


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