Ochoa hustles across finish line

Nearly 60 people participated in Sunday’s Halibut Hustle, a 5-K race that started at Land’s End. Sponsored by the Kachemak Bay Running Club, the race was part of the weekend’s first Homer Halibut Festival.

First-place finisher was Pedro Ochoa, 20, who completed the race with a time of 17:08.72. The first woman to cross the finish line was Michelle Mitchell, with a time of 21:47.95.

A day earlier Ochoa crossed the finish line first in the 12-K Rescue Run. The event was a benefit for the volunteer member associations of the Homer Volunteer Fire Department and the Kachemak Emergency Service Area.


MFRankNameAge Group    Time


1Pedro Ochoa15-190:17:08,72

2Bud Johnson60-640:24:50,01

3Nathan Elerick35-390:24:50,18

4Matt Elaske40-440:25:13,31

5Dean Ravin50-540:26:27,97

6Bob Ball45-490:27:02,24

7Mike Booz35-390:27:05,41

8John Bishop40-440:27:50,47

9Todd Green40-440:28:03,58

10Luke Nollar10-140:31:20,34

11Daniel Ravin20-240:31:23,95

12David Parker25-290:34:29,46

13Bryan Baker35-391:04:15,39


1Michelle Mitchell40-440:21:47,95

2Melanie Mach25-290:23:12,87

3Chessie Macrae25-290:24:00,51

4Heather Johnson50-540:24:12,44

5Madison Lytle20-240:24:31,33

6Georgia Lucas20-240:24:38,29

7Kate Vollrath20-240:24:53,03

8Lindsay Henkelman25-290:25:09,75

9Heidi Hooker30-340:25:12,09

10Sue Mauger50-540:25:46,60

11Claira Booz9 >0:27:05,54

12Terri Mach55-590:27:06,04

13Erika Thompson35-390:27:28,60

14Becky Ravin45-490:27:36,50

15Elizabeth Renner20-240:27:48,34

16Reba Temple25-290:28:06,40

17Amy Drake25-290:28:20,54

18Judith Steyer55-590:29:07,64

19Helena Wierzbicki30-340:30:17,79

20Brynn Moe30-340:30:23,60

21Natalie Hunter20-240:30:41,39

22Michelle Drake25-290:31:22,28

23Joelene Arndt30-340:31:35,79

24Lauren Wolford25-290:31:36,13

25Robyn Allen30-340:31:58,63

26Megan Bigelow40-440:32:04,91

27Kelli Bishop10-140:32:05,35

28Amanda Barth30-340:32:24,60

29Leah Thon20-240:33:18,65

30Dana Nelson20-240:33:18,69

31Melissa Bobotas20-240:34:28,86

32Suzanne Seguela55-590:34:53,30

33Betsy mcKitrick45-490:35:11,87

34Krystal Butcher35-390:38:00,86

35Hannah Heimbuch30-340:38:46,12

36Maggie Goedck25-290:38:46,38

37Tammy Ackerman45-490:39:10,53

38Melissa Elerick35-390:40:50,34

39Susan Oliver45-490:40:50,40

40Christine Scott60-640:49:00,56

41Sara Nollar9 >0:52:11,36

42Jane Nollar40-440:52:12,66

43Regan Baker9 >0:56:01,00

44Keri-Ann Baker35-390:56:03,42

45Reilly Baker9 >1:04:11,72


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