What has happened to Golden Rule?

Within any group of people there will be differing opinions. The people that volunteer to be city council members ideally will represent all of the people in our community. This would include not only those who oppose Resolution 17-019, but also, all of those citizens who were in favor of the resolution, as well.

As I understand, council members were requested to present this resolution to the community at large, which is exactly what they should do. We all have the right to have the council present issues that are important to us. I feel that everyone on the council did listen to the people and made their decision based on all of the testimonies, not just that of the majority voice.

Let us all learn and heal from the divisiveness in our community and move forward. I respectfully request the supporters of the recall petition to withdraw it now before more harm is done. What has happened to the “Golden Rule”?

Let’s treat everyone as we would like to be treated.


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