Grants grow popular programs

The Homer Foundation is an essential partner for non-profit organizations here in Homer, and Homer Council on the Arts is grateful for their generosity. As the “new kid on the block,” I am continually in awe of how a town with such a minimal population is able to do so much. The values that continue to rise to the surface exemplify how a close-knit community can band together to support each other, even in times of financial downturn. 

Raffle ticket nets freezer, meat

Congratulations to the winner of the “Freezer and a $1,000 worth of meat raffle”  from the Kachemak Bay Lions.  Kim Royce from Homer bought the lucky ticket. Thank you to all that bought tickets on our freezer raffle. We were not so lucky with sales this year as we were last year but we are grateful to each of you that supported us. 

Remember that all of our profits go back into the community. Again, thank you so much for your support.  

 Dennis Dustin, raffle chairman

City grant helps HOH run

I am writing on behalf of Hospice of Homer (HOH) to thank the city of Homer for the recent grant hospice received. The grant monies will help offset general HOH operating expenses and is one of the very few grants we receive that can be used for day-to-day expenses. This grant is especially vital to hospice; it helps keep our doors open and allows us to continue to meet the needs of the individuals and families we serve. In these continuingly difficult economic time, this type of grant is essential to Hospice’s overall operation

Bowlers raise $5,000 for kids

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a national program that matches youth with positive adult role models, helping them succeed at home, in school and in life. On April 2, we held our annual fundraiser, Bowl for Kids’ Sake. We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the more than 100 individuals, businesses and organizations that supported our fundraiser through their donations of cash and in-kind products and services, totaling a value of more than $6,000.

Helping Hands says thanks

Helping Hands in Anchor Point was shocked and very happy to receive a donation from Reliable Comfort Insulation and Homer Events during the February Winter Carnival.  We were unaware that these funds were on the agenda and being raised at Alice’s Champagne Palace.

All of us at Helping Hands wish to say a heart felt thank you to Reliable Comfort Insulation and Homer Events for their generous donations.

U.S. in political bad dream

Both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are very-very scary people and today’s Banana Republican Congress is just as crazy. Banana Republicans have become incapable of democratic process. They seem to have become ever more incapable of yielding power. They have come to despise the word democratic; they have come to despise democracy. As far as I’m concerned, we are in a bad dream; things are looking evermore Hitleresque. Will the will to power or the will to life prevail? We’ll soon see.

November’s general election will be monumental.

Homer hospital has my allegiance

March 29 I sat in a “town” meeting to hear the report of the Stroudmeyer leader who has worked with a Health Task Force representing the Kenai Peninsula.

Why wasn’t this meeting announced sooner? Why was it held at 12:30-1 p.m. when most people were at work? I am so disappointed in that fact.

Grant helps student garden grow

Last year our school, Homer Flex High School, received a grant from the Homer Farmers Market to fund our garden. With this money we were able to purchase soil amendments, planting supplies, and garden tools. 

During last spring over half our student population participated in planting seed starts, and prepping and planning the garden. 

Over the course of the summer a few students volunteered to help manage the garden. In the fall we had an amazing carrot crop and made fermented veggies. 

Listen as kids inspire kids at these free, family concerts

The Homer Youth String Orchestra Club (HYSOC) believes that kids inspire kids. HYSOC would like to thank the Homer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) and their generous donors and the Sheldon Youth to Youth Fund for believing in our mission.  

We received a $500 grant to purchase music for the 2015-2016 season, resulting in an exciting and diverse group of songs to choose from for our performances. You will hear everything from Mozart and Telemann to fiddle tunes and Star Wars at our upcoming concerts.

Homer doesn’t need legal pot

I took to heart what Jerry Petryha said in his letter to the editor about allowing marijuana sales in Homer and how it will have a negative effect on our community.

I have lived in Homer since 1975 and have seen the abuse of drugs escalate in our town. Spice, heroin, methamphetamine, yep, we have it all now in our little town. Now we may have a marijuana shop on every corner.

The rest of the story on testimony about cannabis before council

Last week I was quoted by a local paper, regarding my comments on the cannabis issue, at the Homer City Council meeting. Sadly, only a few words of what I said were printed, which on their own communicate a different message than intended.

First I was compelled to comment on the council’s request to hold another public vote on the issue. I believe this to be an on-going waste of local, state and federal money. It will continue to be so if a changed approach is not embraced.

Did you get that from my quote? Don’t think so.

Legislators, don’t touch PFD

The words “Permanent Fund Dividend” or “PFD” should in no way enter any part of any conversation related to our state’s budget shortfalls. Period. They are totally unrelated. About 25 years or so ago the state was going through a major budget crisis. We told them then, now tell them again: Legislators, keep your filthy hands off our PFD! It belongs to us not you. It is not yours to spend or alter. It’s not in your bank account, it is in ours. 

Great event has lots of support

You might be pleased to learn that the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club hosted its Kachemak Ski Marathon this past Saturday at Lookout Mountain Ski Trails. Three events were scheduled for the day:  a 13.7 kilometer tour, a 21 kilometer race, and a 42 kilometer race.  The events began and ended in Schwiesow Stadium beneath a bluebird sky.  Skiers rallied for these events from Homer and the surrounding area, as well as from communities throughout the road system in Alaska.

Homer supports its youth

We would like to thank the community of Homer for supporting the local youth. As you may have noticed, there have been colorful and creative Live Action Role Playing,  also known at LARP, events taking place.  This LARP group is open to all community members, but a large number are middle or high school students. It’s an activity that encourages outdoor play and everything from sewing and writing, up to sword and shield crafting.

Seaton puts Alaskans first

We can all be proud of Rep. Paul Seaton’s efforts to assure Alaska’s oil industry pays  a fair share of the budget shortfall our state is facing. Cuts to subsidies currently paid to oil companies as well as increased taxes and reduced tax credits are necessary to be sure that the burden of this financial crises is spread fairly between all segments of Alaska’s economy.

Elected officials repeatedly disregard will of voters

I am disturbed by a trend in our current political climate: Elected officials repeatedly disregarding the expressed will of the people.  

We live in a community that is enclosed in layers of governments, one encasing another, like Russian dolls. On the local level, we have a city government that is a mix of a representative democracy and a direct democracy. That is, we elect fellow citizens to represent our will, but we also have to power to express our will directly through referenda.  

Kindness of strangers appreciated

To the good Samaritans in the Safeway parking lot on Friday evening, Feb. 26: Michelle, Kien Wilkenson, the young man in the brown sweatshirt, Julie and Don and any others I may have missed. I hope you know how your caring helped to reaffirm the true existence and impact of the kindness of strangers. 

With much gratitude,

Linda Munns


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