Just say no to pot sales

I have visited the Homer and Anchor Point area many times during the past years and I have a comment on the upcoming vote on whether to allow marijuana sales, growth and production.

Say no, please.

I live in Los Angeles where the sale is legal, but for medical purposes only. Now there are pot-selling stores on every corner it seems. 

Silencing mushers will not slide

 At the Iditarod checkpoint of Rohn in the 2014 race, I was amazed by the diversity of mushers: men and women, young and old, Alaskan Native to Jamaican. Nearly every musher looked completely different from the next, from carbon fiber sleds to one homemade from hockey sticks, to dog teams fed on wild Alaskan salmon, to mushers with sponsor logos on dog booties. I was convinced that the Iditarod truly is the Last Great Race because of the highly self-reliant individuals that dedicate their lives to the challenge.

Seniors big contributors to economy

I am so disgusted with our city council classifying the seniors as a burden to our community of Homer. I personally think that they all need to give us an apology for this statement. If they are disgusted with us, then it is time for them all to move out of Homer and move on with their lives. This point made — did any of us see an article written after the Dec. 7, 2015, council meeting passing Resolution 15-111 which requests the Alaska State Legislature to amend the statue in regards to property tax exemption for homes of seniors. Also, behind our backs, Rep.

Seaton, council wrong about seniors

Just about all the money that Bill and I earn on our fixed income goes right back into the Homer community. You can ask the myriad contactors and repair persons, the lawn maintenance companies, the utilities, city of Homer itself, our veterinarian, dog groomer, grocery store, excavator, house painter, gas company, plumber, electrician, etc. etc. etc. just how much money we have poured into this community in the time we have lived here. You can also ask the many places that have benefitted from volunteer work done out of this household.

UA spending essential to future

Editor’s Note: The following is an open letter to the Legislature that was submitted for publication.

My name is John Fenske, I live in Homer, since 1978 after living in Anchorage. I have been involved with the college in Homer beginning in 1982 and have served on its advisory board from the incorporation of the Community College into the University of Alaska in 1986.

I would like to speak to the university budget.

Clinton better than GOP field

Someone asked me recently what problem I had with having Hillary Clinton for president? I told them in foreign policy, in too many ways, she reminds me of old Cold Warrior Margaret Thatcher, as typified by her vote in the Senate to go to war with Iraq. I believe she voted as such, because she suffers from the syndrome of proving herself being every bit as tough as a man, rather than just being a female human being every bit as strong and every bit equal to a male human being.

Pot smokers not oppressed

Having read and listened to all the brouhaha concerning marijuana (pot, cannabis, reefer) I am compelled to put in my two cents.

First off, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I don’t actually understand why there’s a dogfight. I support pot legalization, the voters have spoken and that’s it. It’s how our democracy works. We don’t just vote repeatedly over and over to get another result prior to action, OK?

Public pot forum to educate masses on pros, cons in order

It was an interesting forum at City Hall Feb. 8 and again Feb. 22, with quite a turnout, and the newspapers did a fine write up, too. However, until we reduce cannabis from a Schedule 1 drug to a lesser degree, we are wasting time, money and real education on cannabis.

Many of us would like to see a public forum at Homer or Mariner theaters to educate the masses and confirm the pros and cons of pot.

Road services down with oil prices

Well, I knew it was going to happen. The price of oil went down, then the state and Kenai Peninsula Borough started explaining why the snow plowing wouldn’t be so great. Explicit new schedules for removing snow with all kinds of detail and time tables explaining why they can’t do their jobs.  

Council: Seniors are burden

At its Dec. 7 meeting, the Homer City Council passed Resolution 15-111 which requests the Alaska State Legislature to amend the statue relating to property tax exemption for homes of seniors. Rep. Paul Seaton has drafted a House Bill removing seniors from the mandatory exemption list.    

I am offended by the council’s resolution on many levels.

It implies that seniors are “moving to Alaska to retire or retiring in place” because of the availability of high level medical care. REALLY!

Council ignored credible info when changing beach policy

Guilty as charged. I am, as many others, dismayed and disgusted. Disgusted with a Homer City Council that has ignored the recommendations of its Parks and Recreation Commission and the testimony of most of those using the “city’s beaches.” I am dismayed that after being born and raised here in Homer 66 years ago, I will be unable to harvest the necessary quantity of coal during the winter months.  In this period of time, October through March, there is no biologic reason to close the most productive coaling areas.

Thanks to Homer Police

A heartfelt thank you to the Homer Police for returning to the Kachemak Cannabis Club the bud that was stolen during the recent break-in.

Kachemak Cannabis Coalition directors

Lindianne Sarno, Tim Clark, Scott Owens

Wizard of Odds: Community theater at its absolute best

I’ve got one word for The Wizard of Odds: WOWZA! There are a lot of talented and funny people here at the end of the road. But I’m not telling you anything new.

From the very beginning, this show was hilarious. And by Saturday night, it was over the top engaging. The actors and the audience were in a feeding frenzy. The script, the music and lyrics, the characters, the plot twists — hands down this was great community theater. There are so many people that contributed to this performance, I am in awe.

Thanks to Homer Rotary Club

My name is Shannon Cefalu and I am a college sophomore at the Kachemak Bay Campus, here in Homer. I am an aspiring biology major, and the current Student Association President.

 I know we are already several weeks into the semester, but I would like to thank the Homer Rotary Club for providing me the scholarship that made this semester possible for me.  I am one step closer to a career as a conservation geneticist because of their assistance, and I am incredibly grateful.


Here’s a solution to pot, public safety building quandries

As I age, I am attempting to mellow my outlook on the  apparent idiocies of our political processes. I was born in the era when the things that the majority of voters approved at the ballot box were sacred whether our public officials agreed with them or not. These days those principles are obviously out of favor, but I haven’t quite given up yet. 

Thank you, Homer

...From “Homer Events” for supporting a couple of rather unique events in our 2016 Winter Carnival. I refer to the Mr. Homer Pageant hosted by Chris Story (thanks, Chris), which this year had five entries, each a little crazier than the next, with the winner being Erik Schreier. 

Erik is very much looking forward to making appearances at Homer community events during his reign as Mr. H. To get ahold of him just Facebook Homer Events and leave a message. We’ll get back to you quick. 


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