VISTA volunteer dreams green

Spring is here in Homer and the gardeners are chomping at the bit to get outside and get in the dirt. I know because I’m one of them, but I also know because of the more than 60 folks who have taken gardening classes in the last few weeks. Growing your own food is super gratifying, helps the pocket book and feeds you well. What more could you ask for?

Anchor Point saga continues

Time for an update on the continuing saga of our Anchor Point heroine. It has been 14 months since it started, and in spite of dishonorable politicians and incompetent borough staff, our heroine is still fighting the good fight, continuing to serve our community with honor and integrity and a sense of duty that is made all the more striking by the complete lack of honor, integrity and duty from our elected officials.

SB 21 will bankrupt Alaska

I am extremely disappointed that the Legislature, including Sen. Peter Micciche and Rep. Paul Seaton, voted for Senate Bill 21, which reduces the income that Alaskans earn from our oil. This bill will reduce revenue by $4.5 billion at current oil prices without any guarantee of new oil production or jobs. SB 21 is an epic ripoff, and Kenai Peninsula residents will pay the price every time we hit a pothole or lose another teacher as a result of SB 21 bankrupting Alaska.

City breaks trust with public

I would like to express my dismay with the actions of the city of Homer government regarding the gas line. These actions constitute a breech of the public trust, and such trust is the backbone of any democracy. The Homer City Council has voted in effect to tax owners of city lots to subsidize Enstar’s gas pipeline. Everyone seems to agree about this.  And many astute citizens have pointed out that this is a typical move in corporate America — some are in favor of such a move; some are not. I am not. Here is my reasoning:

Divas thank sponsors

Homer Hockey Divas would like to thank our sponsors for a great 2012-2013 season. Our sponsors were Beluga Lake Lodge, The Salty Dawg, Down East Saloon, AJ's Old Town Steak House, Dr. Adcox and South Peninsula Orthopedics, Homer's Jeans, The Alibi, and one other lovely lady who wishes to remain unnamed. We had 44 ladies of all ages playing hockey at the Kevin Bell Arena and one great coach, Buck Laukitis. Lots of skills and drills and very fun games and tournaments.

Uplifting performance applauded

In this world of suffering and confusion, where peace is war, and freedom is slavery, we still found a spot in this little hamlet where love managed to leave the light on for us. There is no other time in the history of music evolution where dancing humans fill the room with one heart beat, one love. It could have happened anywhere, on that special day where millions of Americans gathered to pray for world peace, freedom from bondage, celebrating silently with purpose.

Is 'frankengrain' my nemesis?

In February of this year the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, announced it was extending for 60 days (until April 26) the comment period in regard to their decision to approve AquaBounty's genetically modified salmon for sale to the public. I will be voicing my disapproval to that decision. Here's why.

Change in state law needed for special assessment districts

Although I can accept the end result of the natural gas Special Assesment District, or SAD, the mechanism for approving such proposals strikes me as rather high-handed and fundamentally unfair. Once the process is in motion the entire burden for terminating the proposal falls upon those in opposition. Any failure by these people to participate in the administrative ballot process, through a "no" vote, paradoxically converts their potential "no" into an active "yes, I do want the SAD."

Snowmachiner, family say thanks

Chuck and I are truly grateful for all of the help in our community, for when Chuck was missing out at East End on Monday, March 25, on his snowmobile machine. We appreciate all the time and effort, the emergency services, search and rescue, helicopter pilots, state troopers, Snomads and everyone else who showed up and was involved. Also, we appreciate the support from Chuck’s work (Schlumberger), and my work, here in Homer (Era Alaska). It was so comforting to know that we were not alone.

Thanks, again,

Free ski day a great success

Several weeks ago, Homer Electric Association sponsored a Ski for Free Day at the Homer-Ohlson Mountain Rope Tow. It was a great success. Everyone had a lot of fun and a huge quantity of hamburgers, hot dogs, and homemade cookies was devoured. Kachemak Ski Club thanks HEA for their continued support, and reminds all you die-hards, that while the snow may be melted away at the lower elevations, there’s still about  2 to 3 feet of solid base up on the mountain, and we hope to stay open on Sundays as long as possible for some great spring skiing.

Support funds grooming equipment

The Kachemak Nordic Ski Club would like to thank the May M. Benson Charitable Fund, a donor-advised fund of the Homer Foundation, for the generous support provided for the purchase of new grooming equipment for the ski club. The money provided by this grant was used to help fund the purchase of a ginzu groomer from Yellowstone Track Systems. This equipment is now being used to groom the ski trails at the Baycrest cross country ski area.

Thank you to hospital

I would like to express a huge thank you to all the folks at South Peninsula Hospital for their wonderful care during my recent surgery. The dedication of all the doctors, nurses and therapists was so evident in their warmth, smiles and encouragement. 

A special thanks to Dr. Sayer, Dr. Bell and Dr. Roberts for their expertise and teamwork during the surgery and follow-up care. I am so grateful for the fine staff of caregivers at our hospital and appreciate all of your efforts during my stay there. 

Arts play role in community health

On behalf of the board of directors and members of the Homer Council on the Arts, I want to express our gratitude to the Homer City Council for its award of an operating support grant for 2012-13.  

We believe that the continued financial support of arts and culture organizations in Homer is essential to the economic future and well being of this community. 

Kevin Bell Ice Arena appreciates its many community supporters

Dear Homer,

The Kevin Bell Ice Arena sends huge and heartfelt thanks to our wonderful community. Homer Hockey and the HHA Divas hosted a Shamrock Shin-Dig and Shenanigan’s Fundraiser at Alice’s Champagne Palace over St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The food was fantastic, the beer was green and we all had a great time. The kindness and generosity of so many Homer businesses and individuals made our effort a magical success. 

Kevin Bell Ice Arena is a member owned and operated, non-profit rink.

Little League benefits from grant

Homer Little League would like to sincerely thank the Homer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee for the $800 grant awarded last year toward the purchase of a new portable batting cage for our little leaguers. Former HLL president Mike Hayes has such a passion for sharing the game of baseball with the youth of Homer, and his vision for a functional batting cage to teach fundamental skills will be realized this spring as the after-school programs kick off this month.   

Legislators heard your voice

Cause for celebration: Best Beginnings has been fully funded for another year. I would like to send out thanks to the parents and children who picketed and to those who gave testimony to the Finance Committee. You impressed upon them the importance of early childhood education and family support programs. Your voices were heard.


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