Parental support appreciated

This weekend the Homer Middle School Huskies hosted the borough wrestling tournament. Because of all the involvement from our wrestlers and their parents we were able to put on an event to be proud of. All 10 HMS wrestlers had parents or family members there on Saturday to support them, all 10 HMS wrestlers placed in the top four. Without this family support and involvement we would not have reached the level of success we saw this season or this weekend. Thank you, parents.
We also would like to thank the Anchor Point parents who helped run the event.

Seniors appreciate support

As usual, our community has been there to help the seniors by supporting their senior center. We would like to thank the following for their recent donations and commitment to ensuring we are able to provide the best possible care.
Thank you multiple times to Jolee Ellis for the brand new tool box (with tools), account with Spenard Builders, and the brand new CD/radio player. Now we can more adequately do small repairs and enjoy listening to our CDs. We at Friendship Center Adult Day Services sincerely appreciate the generosity of this friend of ours.

A perspective from elsewhere

We've been observing the various "Letters to th Editor" and "Points of View" regarding the gas, sewer and water lines being debated in the Homer area.
We have a small vacant lot in southern Wisconsin on a lake near the Illinois border. When our sewer and water lines were put in 15 years ago, the town fathers and mothers realized that half of the owners were either retired or soon-to-be. They decided to extend the timed payments to 20 and 40 years, so we pay $66 and $175 yearly or just over $20 per month for the utility portion of our property taxes.

Paul Banks appreciates Mariners

The Paul Banks staff would like to thank Amy Christianson and the members of the Homer High DDF team that took time out of the their busy high school day to support the Paul Banks Readathon last week with a visit to our school. So nice to have all of our community sharing our enthusiasm for reading. Thank you, Mariners.
Wendy Todd
Paul Banks Elementary

Gifts help area youth

We send our thanks to the Rotary Club of Homer Downtown and the Homer Foundation for their recent gift in support of the R.E.C. Room (youth Resource and Enrichment Co-op), a program of the Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic.

Chamber director apologizes for tone of Point of View piece

I was wrong.
Not in what I said, but the way I said it.
If you read what I said carefully you will see that I did not say one negative thing about farming or farmers. Indeed, I hold them in high regard. If I had not spoken so caustically I would not have offended one of them to the point they felt they needed to respond with a letter. I apologize for that tone.

Fighting hunger in Anchor Point

The Anchor Point Food Pantry would like to give Pastor Milt Michener, and The Great Land Worship Center a "special thank you" for the donation of the proceeds from their recent fourth annual Sportsman Dinner to our all-volunteer pantry.
We also would like to thank all of the community for showing their support, and the Homer Community Food Pantry for all that they do for us.
And now with this generous donation we will be able to continue our fight against hunger.

More thoughts about 9/11

I am a pious Scots-Irish Presbyterian Christian and I provide a synopsis and a clue about the 9/11 fall of the World Trade Towers.
Synopsis: The Towers fell fast. It took only 15 seconds -- the same time as for a dropped softball. This astonishing speed forces the conversation: "Cascading concrete slabs engage in successive inelastic collisions.
Reaction (inertial) forces from next-stricken slabs provide the only restraining (fall-slowing) forces. Applied (bracing) forces are absent. Brace-removing explosives are suspect."

HB80 not in Alaskans' best interests

Gov. Parnell has proposed legislation to allow cruise ships to dump "partially" treated sewage and heavy metals in Alaska state waters. HB80 would overturn the 2006 citizens' initiative to regulate the cruise ship industry. As a commercial fisherman, I am strongly opposed to HB80. This act would harm Alaska's fisheries and tarnish our reputation.

HB80 no friend of Alaska

This bill would allow large cruise ships, (those containing more than 500 passengers) to dump amounts of ammonia, dissolved copper, nickel and zinc into Alaska's waters that would violate Alaska Water Quality Standards and it would negate the 2006 Cruise-Ship Initiative that was passed by Alaskans. My research on this bill included the 2003 Assessment of Cruise Ship and Ferry Impacts in Alaska report by The Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation.

Different perspective on forum

In my own defense: The Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District economic forum was closed at least a full week before the event. I called early and asked to be put on a waiting list before the event. I showed up at the event and asked to have my number taken and be called if someone left. There was, at that time, people who hadn't shown up because of weather. I watched people leave, pointed out that there was room and was still denied entry. I offered to volunteer to serve as needed. Take the place of a volunteer staff member.

Reporting on terrible incident shameful and inappropriate

I hope you are satisfied with all the details you allowed published on the article of my father's terrible incident. I have never read a more shameful and inappropriate article in my entire life. This style of reporting is not only disturbing but very "low" in my opinion. Being that a minor was involved, you would think that it would be necessary to leave certain graphic details out. As if in a small town, news doesn't travel fast enough without the Homer News.

Patience, please, for changes at 'Pik and Pay'

We would like to thank the donors, the customers and the workers who keep the "Pik and Pay" going. You are all great people and we do appreciate your loyalty,
We would ask your patience with the new chutes. The chutes had to be installed because of vandalism, trespass and for the safety of the workers. We are aware of the inconvenience posed by the chutes for some. We ask that you place your donation on the chute and push upward opening the top and dropping the bundle into the box.
We again thank you for your patience and patronage
The St. John's Woman's Guild

Child says thanks for return of kitten

Dear person who brought back Ella,
Thank you. My kitten Ella has gray and black stripes and green eyes. She is eight months old and very small. You brought her to the shelter Wednesday, Jan. 30. She was missing for three weeks and three days. I prayed for her to come home for a long, long time. We were very happy to have her back. Ella is happy to be back, too. So, thank you very, very much.
Lawson, Age 7

Arts award appreciated by youth recipient

I would like to sincerely thank Homer Council on the Arts for awarding me the "Youth Artist of the Year" award, which was presented to me at HCOA's annual meeting on Jan. 25. I was absolutely flabbergasted upon receiving news that they had chosen me to present the award to, but let me mention as well that I was equally honored. It is such a fantastic feeling to know that HCOA supports me and my passion for art that drives me in life.

Many hands help create a parade

The Homer Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Center would like to extend a warm thank you to all the amazing volunteers and public servants who helped make the 2013 Winter Carnival parade a success.
Thank you to the public for coming out to enjoy the parade. We are happy to say it was a beautiful day to be enjoying a parade. We would like to thank everyone for keeping the roads clear during the parade to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
Thank you to:


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