Flex applauds HCOA, musician

Flex students greatly enjoyed the opportunity to listen to Matt Andersen. Our best thanks go out to the Homer Council on the Arts. Mr. Andersen’s voice was so raw and unique, a real treat to the ears. Bringing in such a great artist was a real mood booster for all of the students here at Flex. Our gratitude towards the Homer Council on the Arts is tremendous. We cannot express in enough words how much we enjoyed and how thankful we were to experience Matt Andersen. Thank you again. Megan Stanish Flex student

Part II: Taxes well spent

Second installment of why I love our country and why I love paying taxes: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Brilliant. My parents are incredibly hard working and generous. They spent nearly 30 years building a full and prosperous life here in Homer. Self employed and under-insured, a devastating illness took them to the brink.

Gas ‘bridge’ is big lie

This week the Kenai Peninsula Economic Development District, funded with public money, is holding an “Industry Outlook Forum.” On the agenda are Enstar, Buccaneer, Pebble and Donlin Gold — all corporate, extractive development proponents funded by big international banks. In the 1970s I lived in Denmark. There was a school there at the time, a folk high school for people in their late teens and 20s. They needed to power their residential school.

Let’s protect public participation

Who was it that said “Every time a new law or regulation is passed, citizens have a little less freedom”? No truer is that than now. Gov. Sean Parnell has introduced House Bill 77, which cuts the citizen right to appeal a number of agency decisions on development issues. By prohibiting a comment period, this bill would restrict Alaskans’ right to participate in the public process. Gov. Parnell has encircled himself with sycophants who implement his dogmas and now he is preventing citizens from expressing objections to his policies.

What is fair?

The latest buzz is, that everyone needs to pay their fair share. While we all know this will never be reality, we need to ask ourselves what is fair. My one neighbor has a nicer house than I, my other neighbor has a newer and better pickup than my old beater. Currently some people want to heat with gas, other will choose other methods. This choice is based on many factors. One of the biggest is cost to heat our homes. Those who want to use oil, propane, firewood, electric or even ground source heat pumps do so based upon choices they have made.

Proud mom thanks Fireweed

I moved to Homer in the spring of 2011 and was happy to find a charter school without a long waiting list. Before coming to Homer my son had attended elementary schools in both Oregon and Maui. Fireweed Academy has by far exceeded any of those experiences. At Fireweed we get the benefits of creative hands-on projects, theme based learning, a lot of attention to meet his needs and personality such as a private or home school environment.

Appreciating blessing of Homer life

At first I felt a pang in my stomach when I heard Obama speak of Ronald Reagan as an ally to ban semi-automatic weapons. I spent the summer of ’80 in MCRD, San Diego. President Ronald Reagan was my Commander-in-Chief and if he had given the order to use my rifle to mow down anybody who disagreed with him, whether it was Iranians, communists, hippies or welfare mothers, I would have done so and afterward eaten a hearty meal and slept like a baby. We loved and believed in him that much.

Inauguration Day address inspiring

I got this straight from the mouth of Black Berry Bog Brahman, who fashions himself a channel for old Abe Lincoln: “Save the Grand Old Party: end the Tea Party’s stranglehold in 2014.”
Anyway, wasn’t President Obama’s inauguration speech great? Listening to him, on the same day of Martin Luther King Day, I couldn’t help recalling King’s words: “We may have all come on different ships but we are all in the same boat now.”

Applause for teen talent

Thanks to the many teens in our community who shared some of your talents with the community at the recent DDF event. Your dedication, humor, brilliant thinking and courage inspire me; we are so fortunate to have you share your gifts with us onstage and about town.  I am still smiling ... Thank you.
Sharon Whytal

Here’s to more beautiful music

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Homer Youth String Orchestra Club for the scholarship award. I am greatly honored to receive this gift. I look forward to continuing my musical playing and composition as I move on from the club. The orchestra has meant so much to me; without a strings program in Homer schools, the Youth Orchestra presents the only opportunity for aspiring string musicians to play in an ensemble. I greatly appreciate this opportunity — thank you.
Emmet Meyer


Signs are up; let it snow

Looking for skiable snow? Check out the McNeil Canyon ski trails. Many thanks to Derek Stonorov and John Fitzpatrick for erecting the trailhead kiosk last fall. Marie Alexson painted the beautiful sign identifying the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club’s role in establishing and maintaining those trails. Thanks to these folks for their volunteer work and support of our ski trail system.

Where were spill response vessels?

In regarding the inability to address pollution from the Jakolof Bay incident, the public needs to be aware that even after the gulf spill, this is the kind of response technology and ineffectiveness that will be used in the Arctic, Upper Cook Inlet, Prince William Sound and, from extensive research, across the globe. Where were the oil spill response vessels that parade on the water drills close to the Homer Spit and jack-up rig?

Gas line objection deadline is Friday

Hear ye! Hear ye!  Enstar and the city of Homer are standing at the back of the church, getting ready to walk up the aisle. If you approve, throw rice. If you object, write a letter to the city. Correction: You must write a letter to the city, as all do-nothings will be counted as yes votes. At the time of this writing, 316 objections had been received; approximately 1,600 more are needed to void this marriage. 

Don’t blame mentally ill for violence

Lately there have been many issues discussed relating to the gun violence debate that our nation has been having.  One of these issues has been mental illness. While I believe it is good for us as a country to look at how we treat our mentally ill, I do worry that discussing the mentally ill in the context of gun violence will perpetuate the stereotype of the mentally ill being violent.

Public schools: Taxes well spent

As a progressive, freedom-loving independant, with a penchant for focusing on the flaws in our political system, who reads Howard Zinn and Harpers and appreciates a good political demonstration, I have found myself reminded daily of how much I love and appreciate this country. How I’m even considering slapping on a “love it or leave it” bumper sticker and maybe an American flag antenna cozy for good measure.

Thanks is all that can be said

Thank you seems like such a small thing to say to everyone but that is all we can say. We won’t even attempt to name names for fear of leaving someone out. Thank you to everyone. Those that searched on the ground and in the air, coordinated, donated and prepared food for the searchers, sanded the yard, kept Brittany company, called or messaged just to tell us we were in their thoughts, held our hand all night, the hospital staff, those that brought Steve’s machine home ... and most of all to those that prayed for Steve’s return. You are all our heroes.

Businesses support mentoring

For National Mentoring Month, Big Brothers Big Sisters would like to thank the following businesses who provided 2-for-1 discounts to our Bigs and Littles when they met for mentoring activities during 2012:  Jelly Beans Ice Cream & Gifts, Homestead Restaurant, Fresh Sourdough Express Bakery, Cosmic Kitchen, Land’s End Resort, Two Sisters Bakery, Homer Bookstore, Boss Hoggz, Boardwalk Bakery, Tangles Hair Salon, Homer Theater, Homer Shotokan Karate Club, Damselfly Hair Salon, Pratt Museum, True North Kayaking, Ashore Water Taxi, Pier One,  Homer Council


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