Seaton's gift appreciated

The Independent Living Center would like to thank Rep. Paul Seaton for his donation of a motorized lift recliner to our Community Closet. We also would like to thank Ken Bergman of Bay Realty for the time and effort he donated to deliver the chair to the ILC. Thank you, gentlemen.
Joyanna Geisler
Executive director
Independent Living Center


Grant promotes literacy

Best Beginnings Homer and the Homer Public Library would like to thank the David and Mary Schroer Fund of the Homer Foundation for their support in funding our Language and Literacy Outreach Project. This grant will allow library staff to provide outreach storyhour programs in three locations where parents have difficulty in attending the programs offered in Homer.
Storyhour programs are effective in developing early literacy skills, modeling positive literacy behaviors for both adults and children, and creating opportunities for social networking for parents and caregivers.

Art as life; life as art

With regard to the passing of Gaye Wolfe and the memorial on that Sunday following in October, none was more affected than I, but the outpouring of compassion from the community was huge.
No facts, statistics or quotes can describe her. She was a force in the community. Both ends of the nation now mourn her loss.
Now as the celebration of that life occurs here in Florida on Jan. 16, her birthday, another gathering is taking place at the Armory in West Palm Beach, duplicating the one in Homer.

Ladies afternoon was a success

Sometimes we need to take a step back and relax, and the ladies of Homer did at the "Ladies, It's All About You!" event hosted by the PHAT ladies, Promoting Health Among Teens. This took place at the R.E.C. Room (the youth Resource and Enrichment Cooperative) and was open to ladies of all ages.

Way to support young people

Many thanks go out to Rotary Club of Homer Downtown, Rotary District 5010, and the Homer Foundation for supporting the R.E.C. Room (youth Resource and Enrichment Co-op). Thanks to this funding support, many youth will be able to continue to access vital resources which connect them with caring adults, available services and supportive community members through the R.E.C. Room.

Troupe shows way to give back

Your very own burlesque troupe, The Bait & Tassels, would like to sincerely thank all of their audiences during this past month's performances. Equally, we would like to thank Alice's Champagne Palace for being so accommodating to our beloved audiences. Cindy, you and your staff are incredibly sweet, dependable and hardworking. Our hats are off to you.

Travel offers different world view

I got the chance to travel to South America and explore Chile and parts of Patagonia for the past two and a half months because of a very unique travel award given by the Alain and Daniel Rieser Scholarship, supported by the Tin Roof Fund at the Homer Foundation. This award made it possible for me to experience an entirely new culture and place and meet people with very different lives than mine.

Way to peace: forgiveness

The word "hate" should never be spoken lightly. Hate is the most powerful negative force in the universe. If we are to seek peace in the world, the word hate must be removed from the mind.
The only way to attain peace is forgiveness. To forgive is one of man's most difficult and noble quests. When evil is done unto you, forgive them for they know not what they do. Evil will be destroyed when it is not returned in kind. If one is not at peace one cannot grow nor improve the condition of oneself or mankind.

Big Brother Big Sister Mentor letters

As a volunteer Big Brother I have a wonderful time at West Homer school with my Little Brother. I enjoy hanging out with younger kids and that is a large part of why I wanted to be a Big. I help my Little with school, and occasionally I get to go out to recess with him. Once we even went ice skating and I helped him learn to skate. Mentoring has a very tangible impact on children's lives. No matter how large or small the impact, it's always a positive one. Plus, thanks to Big Brothers Big Sisters, I gained a fantastic new friend.
Ethan Kizzia
High School Big Brother

Class saves money, time

I would like to publicly thank Lisa Nordsrom. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to take the Marine Safety Drill Instructor class. I don't think our family can thank you enough. This will save us a lot of money and time. Now we can go fishing safely, and we have you to thank for that.
Dennis Martishev and Timon Reutov
Editor's Note: January is National Mentoring Month. The following letters are from community members who are mentoring through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program of Homer. To find out how you can mentor, see Susan Kirn's Point of View piece on this page.

U.N. Environmental Assembly compliments Homer, CACS

o the people of Kachemak Bay and friends and supporters of The Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies:
Working for the United Nations and its Environment Programme (UNEP) is not a straightforward matter as we often do not see the results of our efforts until later, and sometimes much later, than the day we finish the project or report that consumes us in the short term.

Is Fiscal Cliff our Dred Scott case?

Clancy Hughes, thank you for your excellent Point of View piece printed last week. You introduced forthrightly the possibility of Civil War brought closer by the provocations of the Tea Party in the U.S. House. The Great Civil War of 1860 was likewise provoked by a 1857 U.S. Supreme Court decision (famously called "The Dred Scott Case"). The Court established that "All blacks -- slaves as well as free -- were not and could never become citizens of the United States and therefore have no right to sue in a court of law."

DOT plan bad for moose, people

The Department of Transportation's brush-cutting activity is making Kenai Peninsula roads more dangerous for moose/vehicle collisions. The DOT is clear cutting the entire right of way from Soldotna to Homer with a three-year cycle recutting plan. DOT has already clear cut 200 feet on the east side and 100 feet on the west side of the Sterling Highway from Ninilchik north 10 miles.

Thanks for interviews

• I would like to publicly thank Jessie Cashman, human resource director of South Peninsula Hospital, for the time she spent to come to Voznesenka and give me and my classmates' interviews. I got to experience what an interview feels like and learned new things about South Peninsula Hospital such as what jobs are available and what someone must do to get a job. We greatly appreciate her support and involvement in our education.
Savely Kalugin and Kirick Reutov

No prank; it's a felony

Whoever stole the stand-ups of Johnathan and Andy out of the crab pot at the Time Bandit Store probably thought it was just a prank. However, it happens to be a felony, since they were worth about $800. It cost almost $400 just to ship them up here.
The theft has been reported to the police. The stand-ups can be returned in good condition and the lock and chain replaced now without any other consequences.


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