Tournament wraps up softball season

Approaching season’s end, the Homer Softball Association is preparing for the annual Homer City Tournament scheduled for Aug. 9 and 10.

Last week Alibi scored a win against Kharacters 16-15 on Monday and a 10-6 victory against Beluga Lake Lodge on Wednesday. The Growlers continued an undefeated streak and Down East left Kharacters-Cups in the dust on Wednesday with a 27-13 win.

For a schedule of the games, weekly updates on team scores and standings and information on the upcoming City Tournament, go the 2014 Homer Softball Association Facebook page.

July 14: Beluga Lake Lodge vs. Spartans, 15-2; Alibi vs. Kharacters 16-15, eight innings; 

July 15: Growlers vs. Spartans, 19-4; Spenard Builders Supply vs. Wraptors, 21-8;

July 16: Down East vs. Kharacters-Cups, 27-13; Alibi vs. Beluga Lake Lodge, 10-6;

July 17: Spenard Builders Supply vs. Spartans, 19-4; Kharacters-Cups vs. Wraptors, 20-7.

Last week’s games continued to show the Growlers as the undefeated lead team in the Homer Softball Association. As of July 17, the standings are:

1. Growlers (15, 0); 2. Beluga Lake Lodge (12, 5); 3. Spenard Builders Supply (11, 4); 4. Cups-Kharacters (10, 7); 5. Down East (7, 9); 6. Alibi (6, 10); 7. Wraptors (3, 14) and 8. Spartans (1, 16).



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