The other night while hanging with visiting friends and relatives, the Betster had an awesome idea for a Best Bets column. Alas, despite carrying a pen and notepad, the Betster forgot to write down that thought. It came about from a conversation in which Aunt Ellen asked why Alaska roads had so few road kill. The Best Bets idea disappeared like a fat raven dragging a porcupine off into the weeds.

Ideas can be that way, sort of like that signal from the star HD164595 a Russian radio telescope picked up in May 2015 from a star 95 light years away. If it’s an alien signal, it could be massive, like all the energy in one sun. We’re talking a civilization that might have advanced beyond running motorized vehicles on dead dinosaurs. U.S. scientists trying to find the signal haven’t found it yet, but you know science. It might be nothing.

Wouldn’t confirmation of a radio signal from some intelligence beyond this earth be cool? It would totally change our view of the universe. We might have to recognize the existence of beings who have figured out how to live in harmony with each other, all the while harnessing incredible powers we cannot even imagine. Well, some of us. Some of the Betster’s best friends write science fiction. If you say “you cannot even imagine,” they’ll say, “Give me a week.”

It doesn’t take too much imagination to foresee the immediate future, though, starting today. That’s the start of moose hunting season. Friday is, well, First Friday. Monday is Labor Day, or as they call it out on the Spit, “On Tuesday we sleep in!” The Betster predicts a whomping good weekend, maybe with some clear skies and stars, and all sorts of fun things to do, like these Best Bets:

BEST SECOND CHANCES BET: Those of us with older dogs know they can sometimes be the best companions. Learn how dog lovers — including George Clooney — rescued senior dogs when author Laura T. Coffey reads from her book, “My Old Dog: Rescued Pets with Remarkable Second Acts,” at 6 p.m. today at the Homer Public Library.

BEST ALWAYS ARTRAGEOUS BET: Start the weekend off right with a classic late-summer Homer art crawl for First Friday. There’s some great art at the galleries, including photography, painting and quilts. See the list on page 14 for all the details.

BEST BEAT GOES ON BET: We’re used to hearing African polyrhythms in this town what with all the marimba groups, so this looks like a treat. Japanese percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani presents an Asian spin on the art with a concert at 4 p.m. Sunday at Bunnell Street Arts Center. Tickets are $10 members, $15 general admission.

BEST TEXT INTO ART BET: How can diaries and the written word inspire visual art? That’s the idea behind the Pratt Museum’s upcoming show, “Bringing Diaries to Life.” Check out some of the diaries and journals from the Pratt’s collection and learn how to submit art to the show with a talk at 5 p.m. Wednesday at the museum.


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