Mariners crush Redington in 58-12 homecoming game, gain first win

  • Homer High School's cheerleaders count out 50 jumping jacks in celebration of the Mariner's 50 points during the homecoming football game against Redington on Saturday, Sept. 24.
  • Mariner Noah Fisk makes a first down a few yards from the end zone after being tackled by a Redington player at the Homer High School homecoming football game on Saturday, Sept. 24.
  • (left to right) Members of the 2016 Homer High School homecoming court Lady Abby Middleton; Prince Koby Etzwiler stands with a student dressed as the Ancient Greek monster, the minotaur, who stood in for absent Princess Maggie Box; and King Martin Welty and Queen Samantha Jacobsen pose for a photo at the homecoming game on Saturday, Sept. 24. The Parade of the Classes had a theme of Ancient Greece this year.
  • The sophomore class of Homer High School carries their Ancient Greece-themed float in the Parade of Classes during the Mariners' homecoming game on Saturday, Sept. 24.
  • Homer High's freshman class carries their float during the Ancient Greece-themed Parade of Classes at halftime at the Saturday, Sept. 24 homecoming game.
  • Noah Fisk scores a touchdown during the Homer vs. Redington homecoming game at Homer High School on Saturday, Sept. 24.

Homecoming weekend resulted in a victory in the sun for the Homer High School Mariners when the clouds cleared long enough for the football team to grab their first win against Redington High School on Saturday, Sept. 24. The game finished with a score of 58-12.

During halftime, the homecoming spirit was in the air. The cheerleaders performed a dance, which was followed by an Ancient Greece-themed Parade of the Classes. After the parade, the homecoming court was presented.

The Mariners shut Redington out for the first two quarters and scored a total of 36 points. Redington finally answered with their only two touchdowns in the third quarter for 12 points, but the Mariners scored 14 points in the third and another 8 points in the fourth.

Noah Fisk scored five of the Mariners’ eight touchdowns, as well as two two-point conversions. Jack Heimbold scored two touchdowns and two two-point conversions, followed by Timmy Woo with one. Seth Classen also ran a successful two-point conversion.

The first touchdown from Fisk was a run for a 44-yard gain at 6:14 minutes in the first quarter. Jack Heimbold scored a two-point conversion on the touchdown. Jack Heimbold scored the second touchdown at 4:24 minutes in the first quarter, on which Fisk scored a two-point conversion. Fisk then ran 30 yards at 0:27 seconds in the first quarter to score a touchdown and scored a two-point conversion for a total of 24 points at the end of the first quarter.

Fisk started the second quarter with a 29-yard run touchdown at 8:05 minutes, and then scored a second touchdown with a 9-yard run with one minute left in the quarter.

Heimbold gained 5 yards for a touchdown at 10:42 minutes in the third quarter. Redington scored their first touchdown shortly after at 10:13 minutes after a kick-off from Kyle Wells was fielded by Redington player Brian Horne for a 79-yard return. Redington scored again four minutes later with a pass from Sam Reed to Brian Amirault for a 24-yard gain. However, Homer picked the pace back up and scored another touchdown at 1:25 in the third quarter, compliments of Woo. Heimbold scored a two-point conversion that brought the score to 50-12, Homer.

In the final quarter, only one touchdown was scored. Fisk ran the ball 22 yards and Classen scored two points with a conversion. The game ended with cheers from the crowd as the clouds rolled in over the field, threatening to send down rain now that the game was through.

Homer’s strength was in their runners, while Redington benefited more from passing and receiving. Homer gained 402 rushing yards, while Redington only gained 36 rushing yards. On average, Homer gained 9.3 rushing yards, compared to Redington’s 1.4 yards. Homer also scored all eight of their touchdowns and five two-point conversions with runs. Fisk led the way with 295 rushing yards, followed by Wo with 32 yards, Heimbold with 31, Joe Ravin with 31, and Justin Sumption with 13.

Alternatively, Homer gained 29 passing yards to Redington’s 77 yards and completed 20 percent of their passes, while Redington completed 33.3 percent. Ravin was responsible for all 29 of Homer’s passing yards. On average, Homer gained 5.8 yards with their passes, while Redington gained 6.4. Homer gained 29 receiving yards to Redington’s 77, gaining an average of 29 yards receiving to Redington’s 19.2 yards. Sumption was responsible for all 29 of Homer’s receiving yards.

In tackling, the teams were about evenly matched, with Homer tackling 44 times and Redington tackling 41 times. Woo and Classen led Homer in tackling with six tackles each, followed by Cole Sallee and Chris Cudaback with four each, and Levi King and Heimbold with three each.

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Homer High School 2016 Homecoming Court


Freshman class

Lord Alden Ross

Lady Abby Middleton


sophomore class

Duke Stanly Swoboda

Duchess Rhythm Beckett-Cook


junior class

Prince Koby Etzwiler

Princess Maggie Box


Senior class

King Martin Welty

Queen Samantha Jacobsen


Class Parade


1st place: Juniors

2nd place: Seniors

3rd place: Freshmen

4th place: Sophomores


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