Best Bets, week of March 9

One of the odd effects of Real Winter have been sightings of things people have not seen in recorded history, or at least the past five years. Unless you’re a small child waiting for spring break, time passes by in such a blur that memory becomes fleeting. So let’s review:

• Moose in town. It’s as if some bull busted down the fence at the big moose ranch on the hill and hundreds of moose escaped to the Homer bench. If you’re a visitor who absolutely has to see a moose, check out the willow fields by Beluga Lake. The other day the Betster saw three.

• Snow. This probably won’t be an epic winter, not like the time the snowblower ate Becky’s Subaru, but we do have enough snow that the Homer Epic and the Kachemak Bay Nordic Ski Marathon are back.

• Ice in the harbor. Remember those years when you could motor out in clear water any time of the day without the Polar Star icebreaker making trail? Well, not this year. A water taxi friend said a client asked the other day why the harbor office couldn’t plow the ice away. Now there’s an idea. Too bad those northerlies don’t agree.

• Snowplow operators. This year, snow plows on trucks aren’t accessories, but actual utilitarian objects. If you see someone in grimy coveralls, boots and with a thousand-yard stare, buy ’ em a cup of coffee. They’re pushing snow. Lots of it.

The city snow berm will endure into April as a reminder that, yes, Virginia, we can have winter with snow and ice and single-digit cold, as long as you believe in your heart. So pull out the down coats, put another log on the fire and snuggle up with someone warm. Get out and celebrate clear sunshine, maybe with these Best Bets:

BEST STAYING ALIVE: Good grief, except for Punk Rock, 1970s and 1980s culture was a wasteland of polyester and big hair. OK, some of the music you could dance to. Boogie Shoes brings back the good stuff at 9 p.m. Friday at Alice’s Champagne Palace, part of its Salmonfest Music Series. Free.

BEST LONG SLOG BET: The ace groomers of the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club have put in the Marathon Trail from Lookout Mountain to Diamond Ridge Road, and it’s the bomb. At 10 a.m. Saturday the Ski Marathon returns starting at Lookout. It’s mostly downhill all the way, except for climbing Crossman Ridge and then Diamond Ridge.

BEST FUN IN THE SUN BET: Oh yeah, the snow up at the Carl Wynn Nature Center at Mile 2.5 Skyline Drive is pretty awesome, too. Check out Wynnter Sunday Funday from 2-5 p.m. with “What Can We Find in the Winter?”

BEST I KNOW! I KNOW! BET: The Betster may be a smarty-pants know-it-all, but the KBBI Trivia Night can be humbling, as yours truly found out when the Hampshire College alum team smoked the contest. If you think you can ace it, pull together a team or join one at the door. The contest is 6:30-8:30 p.m. Sunday at Alice’s. Tickets sell out fast. They’re $10 each at Alice’s, KBBI and the door. Proceeds benefit KBBI Public Radio 890 AM.


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