Town Crier

The Homer Fish &Game Advisory Committee will meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday, March 13 at the KBRR building located at 2181 Kachemak Drive. Agenda will include discussion of BOF and BOG proposals (further discussion on moose, black bear and small game) to submit and any other business that may properly come before the committee. For more information contact Dave Lyon at 399-2340.

HHS students write on issues

Over the course of the past three weeks, the students, who I have the pleasure of working with every day, in my freshmen language arts classes have been studying opinion/editorial writing as part of our argument writing unit. They have been reading example editorials, scouring news sites, researching data from government and educational institutions, reading others’ stories, talking with friends and family, reflecting upon their own experiences and much more in order to craft short — never have students sought to write more! — editorials about issues they care about. Each topic is their own. Their voices are their own. And, as I was reminded, as I am every day and every year, their voices are powerful, thoughtful, and insightful. Their voices matter.

Safe oil transportation in Prince William Sound: Are we really so far apart? Musings from a retired tug engineer

If you’ve ever owned horses, you probably know that cleaning the barn first thing in the morning is good for the soul. I use that time to think. Recently, before going out to take care of my four-legged friends, I started pondering the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council’s recent resolution, the response from industry, and had a good shovel session to sift through it all.

Town Crier

Kachemak Advocates of Recycling (KARe) will meet from 4:30-6 p.m. Tuesday, March 6 at the Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, 708 Smoky Bay Way, Homer.


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