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Crew has cold feet on big ship

Most residents of Homer would say it’s been a mild fall. The grass is green. People are picking kale and herbs from their gardens. Unheated greenhouses hold tomatoes. Local kids sled down tarps unfurled across snowless yards. Temperatures in the last week have been in the 40s.

But the Chinese crew aboard the Zhen Hua 15, the 765-foot-long heavy lift vessel anchored in the bay in mid-November — a few days after hurricane-force winds pummeled western Alaska — had cold feet. 

Halibut Blues (played in key of the Bering Sea)

Why is more of the halibut resource wasted in the Bering Sea than landed and sold? Thirteen out of fourteen fish in the Central Bering Sea will be wasted next season. Overall the entire Bering Sea will only have 2.4 million pounds of halibut that can be sold in 2015 while more than 6 million pounds will be killed and thrown overboard as bycatch. 

Let’s protect Bristol Bay

Too few Alaskans know the humbling beauty of the Alaska Peninsula and the imposing journey into Bristol Bay. But over the past nine years, I have had the good fortune of spending summers aboard the F/V K2, combing the waters of Bristol Bay for sockeye salmon. In May, life abounds. Migrating birds flock overhead, pods of whales play at midship and eventually, bright, beautiful salmon arrive in overwhelming abundance. 

State’s high cost of living makes financial hardships common on peninsula

As a community we are identifying the best ways to support and increase family well-being. When families get the support they need and are resilient, they can flourish and the result is a healthier community overall.

So what are some of the factors that foster resiliency? 

A key resiliency factor for all families is to have stability. Important forms of stability include adequate income and housing and a stable living environment. 

Great opportunity awaits Alaskans with unity team

Gov. Bill Walker and Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott have begun forming our new government — like Abe Lincolns, and like the mugwumps who, down to the 20th century, fought corruption and robber baron control. 

What’s a mugwump? Someone who is independent of party politics. The new Alaska Cabinet is being appointed without regard to party. Good luck getting our quite Republican Legislature to confirm them. 

After election: Time to continue moving forward to address needs


he election is over and the dust has settled. I congratulate Dan Sullivan. He and I disagreed on many issues, but now he is senator and it is time to move forward to address Alaska’s needs. 

 It has been an enormous honor to serve Alaskans as your U.S. senator the last six years. From the Alaskans who left their homes to work in Washington, D.C., to the staff in my six Alaska offices, to the interns and volunteers, I consider my team the best in the nation. 


Big Brothers & Big Sisters needs big brother and big sister volunteers; office supplies; a photo copy card; fuel cards for Bigs; volunteers to help plan events, hang up posters, etc.; volunteers to help pick up and sort clothing donations; free or discounted office space for one staff.

Jenny Martin at 235-8391 
or jenny.martin@bbsak.org

Time for Alaska to rise as one

Across Alaska, front yards, car bumpers and jacket lapels are shedding campaign signs, stickers and pins. Air waves, newspapers and social media are focusing again on other aspects of our diverse but connected lives. 

The heated partisan rhetoric and rancorous debate that dominated these long months should now truly end. The theme, “Rise As One,” of the Alaska Federation of Natives annual convention held this year in Anchorage is a fitting aspiration for all Alaskans. It is time for Alaskans to rise as one.

Homer’s spirit of giving pulls residents together in unique, powerful way


y husband and I moved to Homer a year ago. The breathtaking (almost literally) beauty, clean air, and laid-back atmosphere enticed us, and as we’ve become more involved in the community we’ve been especially impressed by the level of support for nonprofits and how Homerites rally around almost anyone in need. Nearly everyone we know is involved with some sort of nonprofit or volunteer activity. 

Let’s celebrate: Grump Month passes

I’m not sure what it is about this time of year that puts me into a mood that my wife refers to as my “Grump Month” but it has happened every year since I spotted my first gray nose hair.

It’s not an aging thing, trust me.

I’ve accepted that aggravating process with the grace of a moderately constipated grizzly.

November is a turning point where annoying things that I’ve let slide throughout the year finally overload my laid-back psyche and my dark side starts firing snarks at the butts of the pseudo intellectual clueless.

Affordable health care system imperfect, but beats no system

Dick Stingley wrote an interesting response to a letter I wrote in which I was extremely thankful for having signed up for affordable health care. I think maybe he got a little confused. I didn’t really take a few trips a year for the last 40 years because of Obama Care, I only signed up for it a year ago. I had been fortunate to have been healthy enough that I went without health insurance and saved some money so that I could do fun trips. 

Let’s improve on HERC, build ARC

In light of our community’s tremendous need for indoor recreational space and the city’s recent decision to designate the HERC (Homer Education and Recreation Complex) building as the site for a new Public Safety Building, it’s time to think outside the HERC, Homer. Let’s collectively go for something better. 

Community takes steps to foster resiliency, well-being in families

Editor’s Note: MAPP (Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships) is a local process that aims to use and build upon our strengths to improve our individual, family, and community health. Health is defined broadly to include cultural, economic, educational, environmental, mental, physical and spiritual health.  


Wake up, Alaskans: Your rights are disappearing quickly

I’ve been an Alaskan resident for 47 years and I’m very worried about our beautiful state and its citizens. Rights of Alaska citizens have been seriously eroded by Gov. Sean Parnell and his administration. They are systematically reducing and eliminating public involvement in major governmental decisions. Public input is ignored. Secrecy has been the main thrust of this administration, and has resulted in greatly increased power for the governor and his appointed commissioners. Citizens have been left with little or no recourse over decisions affecting their lives.

Please Vote Fish

If the smell of a fresh caught Salmon 

in the last moments of its focused taking 

registered, and returned, 

in memory and senses as you read this 

Please Vote Fish 


If the act of catching Salmon, 

however the method 

leaves you with a certain, and active joy 

Intrinsic and unmeasured in value 

caught, killed, and eaten 

Foundation helps SPH accomplish its mission, funds several programs

South Peninsula Hospital Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable and fund-raising institution established in 2003 to benefit the welfare of the people of the southern Kenai Peninsula by supporting the community health care mission of South Peninsula Hospital.


Our purpose, among other things, is to:

• Support and assist South Peninsula Hospital in accomplishing its mission.

• Conduct and sponsor a wide range of educational programs, with the goal of training health care personnel.

Cook Inlet navigation: Is it really safe as can be?

Most people don’t think about the safety of marine navigation in Cook Inlet. They didn’t before the Exxon Valdez, and they still don’t, because it’s not an issue that normally comes up at the family breakfast table or the local coffee shop.

Oil spill prevention is complicated, distant stuff. But when a spill occurs, it’s everybody’s business.

I’d like to share my thoughts about the safety of navigation in Cook Inlet from my experience with more than 48 years at sea, and 27 years as a chief engineer.


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