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Story last updated at 5:21 PM on Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Birth 2 Three says thanks

Birth 2 Three had a busy week.

We would like to thank everyone involved in helping put together the Strengthening Families "Stronger Together" training. Special thanks to Bonnie Betley and Henry Novak for helping prepare the space. Thanks to Haven House for the generous donation of space and for collaborating with us to co-host events. Thanks also to the United Methodist Church for the use of their tables and chairs. The amount of support from agencies was mirrored in the diversity of attendees from the community. We truly are "Stronger Together" here in Homer.

Also many, many thanks to the Elks Club for hosting our annual Costume Party. We had many happy little people. Donations were provided from Timeless Toys, K-Bay Caf and the Literacy Council of Alaska. Special thanks to Aziza and Rio Shemet Pitcher for the donation of recycled stuffed animals, providing lots and lots of smiles.

Lastly, thanks to United Way for continued funding for our playgroups that generate support for events like this.

Jillian L. Lush, executive director

Birth 2 Three