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This year, spring arrives in all its glory — and stays

Everyone has their opinion of when spring finally announced its royal presence. Anxious gardeners started scraping aside indolent wisps of minuscule snow berms dawdling beneath the limbs of shrubs probing for a struggling sprout of greenery. If successful, numerous fanatics went storm trooper and invaded any nearby box store hyping flats of young flowers.

Harvesting the best of Thanksgiving

The days orbiting Thanksgiving are usually as quiet as a puppy’s snore in our little patch of paradise. The only sounds drifting through our cabin are some soft instrumental jazz and the tinkling of ornaments as my wife prepares to decorate for the holidays.

She is a master at turning our log home into a wonderland so cool that Santa leaves her cookies and milk.

Shorebirds, fish tell us spring has arrived

Everyone seems to have their personal description of when spring officially arrives. Some stick with the “official” March equinox designation that claims it occurs when the sun crosses the celestial equator on its way north along the ecliptic. In the Northern Hemisphere, the equinox is known as the vernal, or spring, equinox, and marks the start of the spring season. 

Heavenly lights dance on a silent Christmas Eve


his Christmas Eve it will be two decades since I experienced an unrivaled eruption of grandeur helping me sidestep a pointless night of lonesomeness.

It began as just another occasion where I ended up working along a high arctic section of the Dalton Highway during a festive time of year. 

Vocation rotations work out that way sometimes, and during particular spans of employment I spent more than my share in remote locations with the military and then again in various civilian endeavors.

Trip to big city always makes home look good

I hold a trip to Anchorage in the same esteem as a “pick up poop patrol” in a heavily populated elephant compound. 

So, when my wife announced that we had to head to the burg for a mid-week, pre-op referral and outpatient surgery that would encompass a three-day time frame, I sprang into action.

A quick Google search reflected that shootouts in the mini metropolis were down to the level of Tijuana on a slow night and a summation of the latest road rage reports indicated the highest level of occurrences were on the weekends.

You can bet on this: Old ManWinter’s on his way

A friend of mine recently returned from a hunting trip at his secluded and highly classified spot somewhere above the Arctic Circle and had an all points bulletin.  

“Nick, major winter is sneaking down toward us faster than my cat moves when your profoundly disturbed dog, Howard, starts staring at her like she’s a stuffed pork chop with paws.”

Declaring war on summer’s swarms exercise in futility

Heat and I get along like a snow cone in a sauna, so last month was no chocolate éclair on the buffet of life for me. Most of the 30 days seemed like something resembling that particular dessert that I inadvertently stepped in rather than enjoyed.

Yeah, yeah, I know there are a lot of you who relish jumping into a vat of sunscreen and then marching off into your gardens to breed vegetables so massive the Jolly Green Giant would be sporting a truss if he tried to pick one up. I get it.

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