Dear Santa, did you get my Christmas list? Did you see the Hatchables on my list? Merry Christmas.

Kindergartners write letters of love and toys to Santa

  • By Anna Frost
  • Wednesday, December 14, 2016 3:12pm
  • News

Paul Banks Elementary School teacher Wendy Todd’s kindergartners say the darndest things in their letters to Santa Claus.

From wondering if Santa will make it to their house and pondering the reality of flying reindeer to asking for specific toys and help finding a lost bat, Homer’s children will keep St. Nick on his toes.

One particularly clever youngster asked Santa for a toy off the list at her house — just to check and see if that jolly old elf is paying attention. Find out what some of Homer’s smallest citizens have on their minds this Christmas season and come back next week for more.

Morgan Harness: Dear Santa, can you come to my house this year? I want a rock tumbler please.

Grace Shover: Dear Santa, I want two dresses please. I will leave you cookies.

Liam Overdorf: Dear Santa, how is your wife? I want a Batman and Superman Legos please.

Sawyer Johnson: Dear Santa, do you like red jello? Can you please bring me a skateboard? Thank you.

Estelle Velsko: Is Rudolph real? If you’ve seen a bat thats name is Igwor, I lost it and would you bring it back please?

Ryan Andree: Dear Santa, I want work tools please.

Rio Waltenbaugh: Dear Santa, will you come to my house? I would like a digging kit please.

Kameron Rogers: Dear Santa, thank you for the toys! Did you see the list of presents at my house? I hope you can bring me one please.

Colton Millier: Dear Santa, please can I have a helicopter with a remote? Do you like making toys?

Andrea Wise: Dear Santa, how do you make the toys? I want an American Girl Doll please.