Letters to the Editor

Homer needs multipurpose rec center

Let me say this straight out. Homer needs a multipurpose recreational center. We are long overdue for one. Too many years we have been limping along at the HERC in a undersized gym that was built in 1958. This building is over 65 years old! Many other recreation programs have to use the high school facilities. At the high school, the City of Homer recreation programs get what times are available. They must always ready to step aside anytime the school wants to reclaim their gym.

We are all aware of the importance of regular exercise and social interaction play in the health of our population. We are barely satisfying the most minimal needs of our community. With a new facility, stunted programs can be expanded to meet our current needs and allow for much needed growth of safe exercise programs. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have reasonably priced after school programs for the young folk. Imagine how wonderful it would be to have more programs in an ice free environment for adults to exercise in.

The HERC sits on a piece of property that was originally deeded to the city to be used for recreational purposes. Many feel we should follow the original intent and build a reasonably priced facility on this site. Here it has the required space and is easily accessible to all of Homer and Homer area citizens. The city council and city management need to make a multipurpose center not just a priority but a reality. Now is the time for a commitment to this project and get it moving forward.

Holly Van Pelt

Avid pickleball player

Congress looking for dirt on Biden

We now have a Republican Congress. First order of business is to try real hard to find dirt on Biden. All of a sudden they find 10 classified documents in then Vice President Biden’s old office.

Let’s see. He was vice president last in 2016. It’s now 2023. That was seven years ago. Don’t you think that office would have been cleaned out before now?

I think they took 10 classified documents from Trump’s collection and planted them there.

And they want to do away with the Ethics Committee, along with Social Security and Medicare. Also, they don’t want the IRS to go after rich people who evade paying taxes, like guess who?

Lela Ryterski


Questions about Congress

On the news program Face the Nation, a U.S. representative was asked about newly elected George Santos. His reply: “Look, there’s a lot of frauds in Congress. I mean, George Santos is the least of this country’s worries.”

And my question is, What the…!?!

Cal Schmidt


To the Editor;

Kachemak Heritage Land Trust would like to thank the City of Homer for the grant support we received in 2022 as administered through the Homer Foundation. These funds were matched dollar for dollar and were used to support ongoing maintenance of our Calvin & Coyle Nature Trail. Thank you so much to The Homer Foundation and the City of Homer for supporting KHLT’s efforts to maintain this public trail system right here in Homer. We are so grateful for this magical greenspace and continued community support!

Marie McCarty

KHLT executive director