Letters to the Editor

Proud of the community

I am so proud to live in this community where I witnessed a truly respectful, open, inclusive process worked through by the Homer Public Library’s director, David Berry, the Library Advisory Board and all those who gave heartfelt articulate testimony regarding an issue that is sweeping the country.

Here in Homer, a petition to remove a selected 55 children’s books from the children’s library shelves was responded to by the Library Advisory Board with mastery. The entire process was handled in a thorough, thoughtful and loving way. I was awed by how the advisory chair, Kate Finn, imbued kindness and respect in each step of the extended process. I admired the thoughtful communication between the advisory board members and awed by the amount of time the members gave to reading, reviewing and responding to each book. It was truly a calm, drama-free process, of which the outcome felt non-controversial and justified.

I have learned tremendously from this experience…. that kindness, respectful listening and respectful participation is paramount in navigating onward. I am so proud of our community and feel incredibly fortunate to live in it. Thank you to all of you.

Rika Mouw


Dear Editor,

Re: the challenge to Homer library books, now resolved. I understand that parents feel strongly about protecting their children, but I suggest that before signing petitions to remove or ban books from libraries and schools, those who might do so learn what it is they’d be supporting and whether it might be based on intentional misrepresentations, ignorance, fear, or outright prejudice and hate. I further suggest that they pay more attention to what their children are watching on television and computer screens and less on what children might discover in a professionally and carefully curated library of books designed for their age groups.

Nancy Lord


Thanks for Cross-Country Ski Support

The Kachemak Nordic Ski Club would like to thank the City of Homer and the Homer Foundation for a $2000 grant in 2022. With excellent snow conditions and record public use of the 50 miles of trails that KNSC volunteers maintain at Baycrest, Lookout Mountain and McNeil, the last several years have been particularly busy.

Supported by 450 members representing over a thousand people in the community, KNSC partners with local schools to host after-school programs, ski team workouts, ski races, and two popular programs — one for kids and one for adults. The Junior Nordic Program provides low-cost ski rentals and helps 170 local kids get outside and learn to ski. For adults, the Homer Nordic Program is providing ski lessons and training to 55 folks.

Maintaining these trails — as well as a substantial fleet of equipment — and running these programs takes a lot of volunteer effort. KNSC is proud to lead this effort, and very much appreciates support from the City and the Homer Foundation.


Melissa Cloud

KNSC Board Member