Angela Agosta and Wesley Head


Angela Agosta and Wesley Head were joined in marriage Sept. 22, 2012, at a private ceremony in their home. The grooms brother, William Head of Issaquah, Wash., officiated. Also in attendance were Williams wife, Daria, and son, Jackson Head of Issaquah, Wash.

Wes is the son of William and Donna Head, and has lived all over the country as part of a military family. His mother and her husband John Crouch currently reside in Grand Junction, Colo. Angela was raised in Prescott, Ariz, where her father Joseph Agosta still resides. Angelas mother, Jan Agosta, lives in Kerrville, Texas. She is the proud granddaughter of Doris Wurtz of Fort Worth, Texas, and Emil Agosta, of Weaverville, N.C.

Wes and Angela love Homer as fiercely and deeply as they love each other. Both are active in the community and plan on being here for the long haul. They purchased a home earlier this year and are ready to settle in for another beautiful winter in the Cosmic Hamlet. Wes is currently director of operations at Homer Air, and Angela works as a bookkeeper for local and out-of-state businesses.

A community potluck reception will be held to celebrate in early November. Friends are welcome to celebrate with the newlyweds. Please call 299-6404 for more information.