Best Bets

The Betster isn’t too sure about if spring really has come, but you know what you can be sure of? Studded tires and tax deadlines. This Friday, people driving south of Latitude 60 degrees north should have their studded tires off, unless you’re driving on the Sterling Highway (but only on the highway), in which case, you can keep those tires on up to May 1. The income tax filing deadline is next Monday, April 18.

Why the Alaska Legislature can’t fix Alaska Statute 28.35.155 to include the southern peninsula with the rest of Southcentral Alaska in the May 1 studded tire deadline, the Betster doesn’t know. Maybe it’s part of the state’s insidious plan to confuse people.

Also, this Friday is Good Friday, Easter and Passover, kind of a big deal in Christianity and Judaism. So, if you’re of the faiths, put on your Easter bonnet or make a place setting for Elijah.

Breathe, relax and embrace the warming days to come, perhaps with these best bets:

BEST YOUR INPUT BET: For a small charter school like Fireweed Academy, who will be the leader can be a big deal. Gryphons, share your voice and ideas about a new principal with a Community Input Meeting from 6-7:30 p.m. today at Little Fireweed Academy.

BEST ON THE AIR BET: Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Bunnell Street Arts Center and KBBI Public Radio have been collaborating on bringing music to people hunkered down at home. With small concerts becoming safer to attend, Bunnell now offers them live — but KBBI continues its broadcast. From 7-8 p.m. Friday, Artist-in-residence Nathan Hall performs live from Bunnell, with a broadcast on AM 890. A multidisciplinary sound and visual artist, Hall has been visiting Bunnell this month.

The in-person audience must be seated by 6:45 p.m.; facemasks are required. Admission is $15-30 on a “pay as you can” sliding scale, but hey, radio is free.

BEST GET CRAFTY BET: Every third Saturday, the Pratt Museum and Park holds Family Craft and Story Time from 1-2 p.m. Join them for crafts, treats and storytime. Projects and stories are available for all ages. This is a free, family-fun event. Each month will have a different theme. Check out @prattmuseum or the website for more details.

Masks are required inside of the museum.