Best Bets

Well, it’s officially here. Sleet, powder, the white stuff — whatever you call it, it’s here in force. If you were one of those doing dances and singing songs to bring on the snow, congratulations: you got your wish. To those of us who are truly only happy in the throws of summer, my condolences. (Though, really, you might consider a different state to live in.)

And we weren’t hit with a skift (a light fall of snow), no — Homer had to beckon blizzard-like conditions to its doorstep. The Betster sometimes forgets that as pretty as the tiny crystal miracles falling from the sky can be, it’s not much fun to drive around in them, especially on roads the snowplows seem to have forsaken. Now that it seems the snow will be with us for a while, the Betster encourages you to appreciate it when and where you can. Perhaps you’ll find yourself admiring the grue (thin, half-liquid snow floating on top of the water) the next time you pass a body of water that hasn’t frozen over yet. Better yet, the lucky ones among us could get the chance to play around in the névé, the partially compacted, granular type of snow that makes up the surface of the upper end of a glacier.

Whatever your feelings on the white fluffy stuff, you can either get out and enjoy it, or avoid it, with these best bets:

BEST BETTER WATCH OUT FOR THAT BROOM BET: What better way to get closer to the cold than to take to the ice? Drop in Homer broomball happens at 8:30 p.m. on Fridays at the Kevin Bell Arena. All gear is included and there is no experience required. It costs $10 per person, and $5 for first-timers.

BEST BET: If you’re looking to warm up inside and away from the snow, Alice’s Champagne Palace has got the ticket. Not only could you enjoy a free performance by the Regge band Uplift! at 9 p.m. on Saturday, you could be helping out your fellow community members at the same time. The event doubles as a benefit and silent auction for a couple that recently moved to Homer and is facing a setback after a serious accident.

BEST BACK THEN BET: Head to the Pratt Museum at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 29 to get connected with your community, and with your past. In connection with the Mail Art Show “Roots” by Lynn Naden, the museum will host a conversation about roots and heritage. The event is free to attend and is a potluck — participants are encouraged to bring a dish to share.

BEST BUY LOCAL BET: If there are those, and the Betster knows there are, who simply can’t wait to get a head start on their holiday shopping (even if that means scouring for gifts well before Thanksgiving) they need look no further than the Annual Nutcracker Arts and Crafts Faire. Hosted by the Homer Council on the Arts, it takes place from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 2 and from noon to p.m. Sunday, Dec. 3 in the Homer High School Commons.

Best Bets