Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies CoastWalk

Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies CoastWalk
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November 1984
Beaches first walked:
Anchor Point to Diamond Creek gulch; McKeon Spit, China Poot Bay; Fritz Creek shore area
Beaches walked today:
32 sections from Port Graham to Anchor Point
Top 10 marine debris items,
Beverage cans, plastic beverage bottles, car parts, buoys, rope, glass beverage bottles, construction materials, fish nets, clothing and cloth, bags and wrappers, caps and lids.
Top 10 items,
Beverage cans, fast-food containers, plastic beverage bottles, construction materials, caps and lids, bags and wrappers, rope, cups and plates, cigarettes and filters.
Top 10 items,
Pieces of foam, cigarettes and filters, scrap boards, treated lumber, beverage cans, food wrappers and containers, building materials, glass beverage bottles, plastic beverage bottles, grocery bags.