Faust publishes book on alpacas

Nina Faust, a retired Homer High School teacher, has published “Alpaca Relaxation Guide,” a book that offers advice for humans from the alpaca point of view. Faust started training and working with alpacas 10 years ago. The book includes 50 pages of color photos. She describes the book as offering “humorous advice on how to live the alpaca way, including some tongue-in-cheek guidance on ‘alpaca zen.’”

Alpacas are not common as companion animals, particularly in Alaska, Faust says, and the book provides a glimpse into the world of alpacas and how their lives can be more than that of mere domestic animals. Faust has been featured in Alpacas Magazine for her work in developing ways to enrich the lives of companion alpacas. She also has produced YouTube videos on alpaca “clicker” training and enrichment. “Alpaca Relaxation Guide” is $9.95 at the Homer Bookstore.

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