Hallo Bay Camp featured in Disney production

A Disney Nature featurette and preview has been released of “Bears,” a movie filmed at Hallo Bay Bear Camp and in Katmai National Park. Disney specifically requested Homer naturalist Simyra Taback-Hlebechuk of Hallo Bay to be the lead guide in the film. 

Much of the brown bear footage seen from the preview was filmed on location in the summer of 2012 on the coast of Katmai National Park and at Hallo Bay Bear Camp by British wildlife cinematographers Gavin Thurston, Warwick Sloss and Sophie Darlington. 

Filming continues this year at Hallo Bay and starts in April as bears begin emerging from their dens. Five production crews will operate throughout Alaska, with their base of operations in Homer. No motorized vehicles were used to get to the bear viewing areas, with crew hauling hundreds of pounds of equipment on their backs so as not to impact or disrupt the natural environment. 

Disney Nature also will be bringing national and international media teams to Alaska in association with the production. “Bears” is scheduled for release next year on Earth Day, April 18, 2014. To view the preview, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFl6guPcHvg.


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