Homer Police Report

Homer Police

Jan. 23

A man at 7:55 a.m. turned in property. Police returned the property to the owner.

A caller at 1:57 p.m. reported a domestic disturbance at a Lake Street address and said the parties needed to be separated. Police responded.

A woman at 2:50 p.m. said she was concerned about the welfare of an unborn child.

A man at 4 p.m. reported he had been involved in a hit-and-run incident.

Police at 8:37 p.m. arrested a 31-year-old man on a warrant at a Fairview Avenue address.

Jan. 24

Police at 12:21 a.m. arrested a 38-year-old man on a warrant at a Pioneer Avenue address.

Jan. 25

A caller at 10:04 a.m. reported three or four children playing on the ice of Beluga Lake and was concerned for their welfare.

Police at 11:16 a.m. conducted a drug investigation at a Sterling Highway address.

A caller at 1:15 p.m. reported a man slumped over the wheel of his car at Lake Street and Ocean Drive. Police could not find the man.

Jan. 26

A caller at 11:27 a.m. reported a driver in a silver sports car racing down East Hill Road.

A woman at 12:28 p.m. reported losing her cell phone.

A man at 12:45 p.m. reported a driver in a silver SUV driving erratically on West Hill Road.

A woman at 3 p.m. reported fraudulent use of her credit card in the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., area.

A caller at 2:57 p.m. reported a man shoplifting at an East End Road business.

A woman at 3:43 p.m. reported a young girl walking without a coat on West Hill Road and was concerned for the child’s welfare.

A woman at 4:21 p.m. made a 911 call of a boy out of control at a Ben Walter’s Lane address. She asked for help in getting him to the hospital.

A called at 5:28 p.m. reported people shooting at a moose with a paintball gun on Hillview Court. Police responded.

A man at 6:09 p.m. reported his child left the area of his Clover Lane house and could not find him. Police responded and found the child and returned the child home.

Jan. 27

A caller at 4:31 a.m. reported a drunk man at a Klondike Avenue home causing a disturbance. Police responded and took a 44-year-old man into protective custody.

A woman at 9:10 a.m. called several times reporting she had given police her keys the previous weekend. Police had no record of the event. On Jan. 28 at 9:45 a.m. the woman called again and police contacted a family member.

A woman at 10:31 a.m. requested information regarding possible listening devices in her Jennifer Place home. Police advised the woman of her options.

An employee at 1:05 p.m. reported a person walked out of a Sterling Highway store with groceries without paying.

A caller at 3:59 p.m. reported people with possible car trouble driving very slowly near Mile 5 East End Road and heading into town. Police contacted the driver and advised the person to proceed with hazard lights on.

Police at 11:38 p.m. did a security check of Bishop’s Beach and contacted people in a motorhome. Police advised the people of no-camping rules.

Jan. 28

A caller at 12:09 a.m. reported receiving an unwanted text. 

A caller at 5:20 p.m. reported a person threw a rock through the window of a Triton Court house.

Several callers at 8:37 p.m. reported seeing a wanted subject in the East End Road and Pennock Street area. Police responded and determined the person did not have warrants. Police later contacted the person and served a domestic-violence restraining order.

Jan. 29

A person at 10:45 a.m. turned in found property. Police notified the owner.

A person at 11:16 a.m. turned in a found wallet.

Police at 11:16 a.m. served a search warrant at a Main Street address.

A caller at 2:49 p.m. reported finding a lock box that appeared to have been broken into. Police determined it was a donation box and all was OK.

Police at 9 p.m. served two domestic violence restraining orders.

Jan. 30

A caller at 1:56 a.m. asked police to do a welfare check on the occupant of a car with its engine running in a Pioneer Avenue parking. Police responded and found all was OK.

A caller at 8:36 a.m. reported an expected death at home of a person at a Herndon Street home.

A woman at 10:33 a.m. reported after the fact the assault of her daughter.

A woman at 12:46 a.m. reported a dog stuck in sea ice off the beach at a Kachemak Drive address. The animal control officer responded and rescued the dog.

A man at 3:09 p.m. reported a possible scam from an international caller.

Several callers at 11:25 p.m. reported two men on the sidewalk with one lying down on Pioneer Avenue. Police responded and advised the people not to return to bars that night.

Jan. 31

Police at 10:54 a.m. contacted a 25-year-old woman driving near Mile 3 East End Road and issued her a summons for driving without insurance.

Alaska State Troopers at 2:31 p.m. asked for help with a wanted subject at a Poopdeck Street address.

Police at 4:16 p.m. did a vehicle search on a car at Bishop’s Beach.

A caller at 7:16 p.m. and 11:13 p.m. reported two shoplifting incidents at Sterling Highway businesses.

Feb. 1

Police at 11:55 a.m. contacted a 49-year-old man driving on Heath Street and issued him a summons for driving with no insurance.

A caller at 12:52 p.m. reported hearing screams in the Karen Hornaday Park area. Police responded.

A caller at 10:07 p.m. reported a drunk man asking for police assistance at the airport. Police responded and got him a ride home by taxi.

Feb. 2

Police at 2:20 a.m. contacted a 36-year-old man driving on Main Street and arrested him for driving while license suspended.