Homer’s Best Bets

Recently up in Anchorage a wolf ate a small dog running loose on a hiking trail. Some people suggested installing warning signs so hikers would be alert to the presence of wild animals in the backcountry. The Betster thinks this is a marvelous idea because, you know, this is Alaska and apparently some visitors and residents haven’t read the tour guides closely.

“Warning: wild animals such as bears, wolves, coyotes, marmots, ground squirrels and porcupines may inhabit this wilderness area and can injure or kill domestic animals and people” would be a good sign to put up. But why stop there? At pull-outs with views of Redoubt or Augustine volcano, we could have a sign that reads: “Warning: Volcanoes may erupt at any time and can spew molten lava and ash and cause burns and respiratory distress, damage vehicles and oil tank farms, and cause jet planes to plummet from the sky.” On the Spit we could issue earthquake warnings. At weather stations we could put up a sign that says “People may experience extreme cold, ginormous snowfalls, flooding, high winds and big seas that can cause hypothermia, drowning and death.”

Or, we could just issue a blanket warning: “Alaska is a huge state with lots of wildlife, extreme weather and geographic conditions that can kill you. Proceed with caution.” That should do it. So be safe, be aware and have a great time with these Best Bets:

BEST GET THE FACTS BET: Is the proposed Kenai Peninsula Borough bed tax another government overreach or a good way to increase peninsula tourism? Learn more in a public forum from 6:30-7:30 p.m. today at the Best Western Bidarka Inn.

BEST DEM BONES BET: Jo Going works in all sorts of media, and for “Reliquary,” she explores something new: bones. Check out her show and meet the artist at an opening reception from 5-7 p.m. Friday at the Pratt Museum.

BEST OOH-LA-LA BET: With a name like “Babes in Wonderland,” things might be a little risqué.  This might not be the creative work Lewis Carroll intended. The 21-and-over burlesque show runs at 8:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday at Wasabi’s. 

BEST SMOOTH MOVES BET: The Homer Yacht Club has been sailing the bay for 18 years, and the Spit Run? Well, it’s been on so long we’ve forgotten when it started. Catch them both on Saturday. Join the Spit Run — now known as the 10K Run to the Bay — at 10 a.m., with registration 8:30-9:30 a.m. at Homer High School. At 11 a.m. or when you get there, watch the Land’s End Regatta at the new End of the Road Park. If you haven’t been to the Spit, check out the new trail, bathrooms and improvements.