Last chance, with the turning leaves

This weekend will be the last full Market

The leaves are turning and it’s time for the farmers market season to come to an end.

There are farmers who continue to sell their vegetables and products well into October, but this weekend will be the last full Market. That means that this is the last chance to cash in Market coins or buy Market T-shirts, cookbooks, stickers or tote bags. It also means that this is the last Market to catch many of the food and craft vendors.

But last chance doesn’t mean sparse. This is the time of the year where you can get artichokes and pumpkins at Christina’s booth, full heads of cauliflower or bunches of daikons at Emily’s, colorful carrots and beets at Dan & Luba’s. You can get boxes of strawberries at Megan’s, onions and celery at Paul & Jen’s, leeks and Napa cabbage at Robert’s. You can get towers of Brussels sprouts at Lori’s, piles of greens at Carey’s, and a little bit of everything at Rick’s .

It’s almost like there is a line of friends waiting for you at the Market. But the vendors aren’t the only friendly faces. A friend of mine who is visiting wanted to go to the Market in hopes of seeing a friend she hadn’t yet connected with by phone. I was doubtful that she would see them at the Market simply by chance. But there she was and they had their little reunion at the Market. It is that simple. It truly is the meeting place of town.

That level of connection is rare these days. The stability of a local food economy led by hardworking individuals is rare these days. And as the days wind down, time at the Market gets rare too.

So come on down for the last official Homer Farmers Market this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and show your appreciation for our community gem out on Ocean Drive.