State Trooper Report


June 1

Alaska Wildlife Troopers in Cordova cited a 50-year-old Homer man for employing an unlicensed commercial fishing crew member on his fishing vessel.

Wildlife Troopers issued a summons to a 54-year-old Palmer man for disfiguring halibut to prevent the determination of number caught. Troopers contacted the man while he filleted fish near Point Pogibshi in lower Cook Inlet. Troopers also allege the man was in possession of eight halibut and had removed the skin on five fish while filleting the halibut.

Wildlife Troopers cited a 53-year-old Anchorage man for sport fishing without a license after contacting him in marine waters off Seldovia.

Wildlife Troopers cited a 25-year-old Wasilla man for not having personal flotation devices on board for each person. Troopers contacted the man fishing with five people on his boat near Point Pogibshi.

June 2

Wildlife Troopers cited a 29-year-old Anchorage man for not having a type IV PFD on board after contacting him bringing in his boat at Whiskey Gulch near Anchor Point.

June 3

Wildlife Troopers cited a 62-year-old Nenana man for failing to log a king salmon more than 20 inches on his sport fish license after contacting him at Deep Creek.