Evolutions at the Market

I was rushing to get to the Homer Farmers Market this week, I admit it. The day got away from me like summer days often do. But I never want to miss the latest addition to the market.

Farmers markets are great for displaying the seasonality of local vegetables. Our market is no different. It begins with lots of plant starts to purchase in May and, as the summer goes on, offers up more and more vegetables. The carrots available now are smaller than the ones that will be available later, but so sweet.

It used to be that the Homer Farmers Market had its first day on the first week of July. The season of availability has continued to expand over the years just as much as the availability of different varieties of veggies.

Everything evolves through time. Lori Jenkins, now famous for Synergy Gardens and the Alaska Garlic Project, sold tie-dyed napkins and bags back in 2014. In 2015 Lori and Wayne started Synergy Gardens and Lori started doing chef demonstrations at the Farmers Market to show how to cook a different vegetables that were available. Now their wonderfully productive farm has multiple high tunnels and expansive gardens and her farm-to-table meals are well known.

One of this year’s newest vendors is also evolving. Teresa and Dean Sundmark started Twin Fish Gardens a few years ago, and their herbal tea line keeps expanding. This year at the Market they are also offering shrubs, often referred to as vinegar cordials, made from local herbs and medicinal plants. Last year they took advantage of those early little red spruce buds that covered the trees and brewed them up as well.

The Market and those selling at the Market are always evolving, and the Homer Farmers Market continues to evolve into one of our community’s best assets. This Fourth of July, you can vote for our Market online at the America Farmers Market Celebration (markets.farmland.org/markets) to get our Market recognized as the best in the state.

So head on down to the Market this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Wednesday from 2-5 p.m. and see what has evolved.

Kyra Wagner is the board president for the Homer Farmer’s Market.