Years Ago

20 years ago

At a Homer High School Parent Teacher and Student Organization meeting, parent Scott Ulmer suggested random drug testing for students. A juvenile probation officer, Kim Smith, said random testing can be effective in deterring students from using drugs. However, Jennifer Rudinger with the American Civil Liberties Union-Alaska said the ACLU would likely go to court against such a policy.

“You don’t want a policy like this to teach our children that they are guilty until proven innocent and that they don’t have a right to privacy,” she said.

Homer Police Chief Mark Robl said 1999 looked to be a record year for juvenile alcohol and drug arrests, up to 72 over 49 in 1998

— From the issue of Nov. 25, 1999

30 years ago

The Homer City Council rejected an increase in property taxes from 5 to 6 mills proposed by City Manager Phil Shealy. Shealy presented the council with a budget of $8.3 million, including $3.3 million from the Port and Harbor and Sewer and Water funds. The increase would have raised $160,000, and the council directed Shealy to cut that much from the general fund.

— From the issue of Nov. 30, 1989

50 years ago

The Kenai Volunteer Fire Department announced it would inspect private homes on the request of residents. The fee was 25 or more Betty Crocker coupons. The coupons were to sent to the Homer Volunteer Fire Department for its Betty Crocker coupon fund drive buy a new fire truck. Each coupon is worth half a cent, and the HVFD needed $25,000 to buy a new truck.

— From the issue of Nov. 27, 1969