Years Ago

20 years ago

A blizzard some called “the storm of the decade” hammered the Kenai Peninsula. Coming on top of a week of heavy snow, the storm moved in on Feb. 1, bringing winds gusting up to 60 mph and caused up to 25 power outages throughout the peninsula. On top of that, avalanches on the Seward Highway knocked out a power line and closed the highway. Mail was delayed and food shipments halted.

— From the issue of Feb. , 2000

30 years ago

The owner of A-Smile Taxi complained that two undercover agents working as drivers harmed his reputation. The agents worked as drivers for six weeks in an operation that netted two marijuana arrests. Homer Police Lt. Dennis Oakland denied that the department intended to hurt A-Smile’s reputation.

“We’ve lost (the business) of the religious community because they think we’re drug dealers, and we’ve lost the bar crowd because they think we’re narcs,” said Miles Almon, owner of A-Smile.

Homer Police also got a $73,000 federal grant for a drug enforcement officer to coordinate undercover agents and informant.

— From the issue of Feb. , 1990

50 years ago

Western Airlines and Wien Consolidated Airlines reached an agreement where Wien would provide service for that offered by Western. Western would end its Anchorage-Kenai-Homer-Kodiak and its Anchorage-Homer-King Salmon routes. A spokesman for Western said the Anchorage-based Wien would better serve the route. It also would allow Wien to introduce regular jet service on the Anchorage-Kenai-Homer-Kodiak route. Wien started Boeing 737 jet service with its Anchorage-King Salmon route.

— From the issue of Jan. 29, 1970