Years Ago

20 years ago

Kenai Superior Court Judge Jonathan Link ruled the City of Homer petition to annex 25 square miles could proceed. Citizens Concerned About Annexaction filed a lawsuit to block the petition, claiming the city violated the Open Meetings Act by not providing adequate notice for a March 13 Homer City Council meeting to consider a resolution moving the petition forward to the Local Boundary Commission. Link had earlier issued a one-week stay to keep the city from sending the petition to the LBC, and on March 19 held a hearing and ruled the petition could move forward.

— From the issue of March 23, 2000

30 years ago

Kenail Peninsula College was hit by a virus at both its Homer and Kenai campuses — a computer virus. The viruses showed up in Macintosh computers at the college, robbing storage space in computer memory. The virus passed from computer to computer when users traded information or infected disks or software were introduced. The virus also had a counter that clicked down each time the system was started. If the computer had a program called MacInTalk, when the counter hit zero a message appeared that read “Don’t panic!”

— From the issue of March 22, 1990

50 years ago

After absentee ballots were counted, the vote for General Obligation Sewer Bonds passed by just one vote, 143 Yes to 142 No. The vote meant the city could go ahead and purchase $600,000 in bonds to fund construction of a sewer system in downtown Homer. “Many comments were to be heard after this election, ‘I just didn’t realize how much my vote counted,’” the Homer News reported.

— From the issue of March 19, 1970