Years ago

20 years ago in the Homer News:

The conservation-minded Homer City Council agreed to put almost 21 acres of city land on the Homer Spit off limits to development forever. The decision signaled the council’s backing of birds over bulldozers in that spot with a vote of 5-1 to turn over to Kachemak Heritage Land Trust certain rights governing what can happen on the mostly tidal-flat parcel. The conservation easement left ownership and liability for the land in city hands but blocked almost all construction or any erosion-causing disturbances.

– From the issue of Dec. 12, 1996

30 years ago in the Homer News:

Visitors from Homer’s sister city, Teshio, Japan, attended the Renaissance Faire on Sunday, Dec. 7, and demonstrated various traditional ceremonies, including the Japanese Tea Ceremony and part of a traditional fall harvest ceremony. The group from Teshio also met in the gym to play several volleyball games against Homer teams on Saturday, Dec. 6.

– From the issue of Dec. 11, 1986

50 years ago in the Homer News:

Ice of sufficient strength to prevent operation of wood-hulled vessels in the Homer small boat harbor caused a three-day suspension of cannery operations. The steel-hulled motor vessel “Cameron” provided emergency ice-breaking service for several vessels. A high tide on Dec. 14 freed the harbor of ice.

– From the issue of Dec. 15, 1966