Years Ago

Homer happenings from years past

20 years ago

The events of Sept. 11 reverberated in Homer. A nationwide flight closure shut down the Homer Airport and stranded some hunters in the field. A teacher at Fireweed Academy feared that her brother-in-law had died in the collapse of the World Trade Towers. A dozen people gathered at WKFL Park at noon Sept. 11 for silent meditation.

— From the issue of Sept. 13, 2001

30 years ago

Gov. Wally Hickel officially dedicated the opening of the Bradley Lake Hydroelectric Dam. Attending was Homer Thompson, who had been a booster of the dam since 1957 when he made a pitch to the Homer Electric Association board.

— From the issue of Sept. 12, 1991

50 years ago

Congressman Nick Begich announced a $4,200 contract had been awarded to control a coal outcrop fire in two beds near Ninilchik. The coal beds had been burning since 1969.

— From the issue of Sept. 11, 1971