Years Ago

Homer happenings from years past

20 years ago

Save-U-More started construction of its new 21,000-square-foot store on Greatland Street off the Homer Bypass. The new store was to be finished in the summer of 2002, said owner Valentin Caspaar. Construction started just as the Homer Planning Commission started working on a draft of a proposed ordinance to regulate how large retail buildings are constructed and located. Although the new rules didn’t apply to Save-U-More, Caspaar said he would work with the city and cooperate on design issues.

— From the issue of March 28, 2002

30 years ago

Gastroenteritis — “a good old-fashioned stomach bug,” as Dr. Bill Bell described it — hit Homer schools. At Homer Junior High School, 70 of 86 known absences appeared to be from the bug. At Homer High School, about 90 students from a roster of 390 also stayed home sick. Homer Intermediate School, Chapman School and McNeil Canyon Elementary School all recorded above-average numbers of absences. Homer Junior High Principal Lincoln Saito said he had never seen so many students out sick at once.

Bell said about 30% of illnesses he saw the week before at Homer Medical Clinic were from the bug. Bell said the best way to avoid getting the bug was to stay away from people who had it. He said the illness comes on fast.

”One hour you’re perfectly healthy; the next you’re throwing up,” Bell said.

— From the issue of March 26, 1992

50 years ago

The March 10, 1972 issue is missing from the Homer News archives.