Years Ago

Homer happenings from years past

20 years ago

An outbreak of whooping cough or pertussis hit Homer schools, with two confirmed cases and 15 others being tested for the illness. While pertussis causes symptoms like the common cold in adults and older children, children under 3 can get seriously ill. State epidemiologist Dr. Beth Funk said it can take months stamp out a pertussis outbreak.

“We’ll be optimistic, but right now we don’t know how long it will take,” she said.

— From the issue of Oct. 10, 2002

30 years ago

At least 500 Homer voters found they had been deleted improperly from registration rolls or put in the wrong precinct. City Clerk Mary Shannon said the mix-up happened when state officials reassigned precincts based on boundaries from the statewide reapportionment. Some voters were listed as city residents when they lived outside limits and vice versa. Voters were allowed to cast questioned ballots that were later validated.

— From the issue of Oct. 15, 1992

50 years ago

The Oct. 12, 1972 issue is missing from the Homer News archives.