Years Ago

20 years ago in the Homer News

Gordie Vernon and Thai Verzone won the Hope-to-Homer Alaska Mountain Classic Race in 4 days, 9 hours and 10 minutes. Although hallucinating and physically exhausted, they outsmarted two California racers who had blistered feet by leading them into a swamp on the Fox River Flats. Vernon had almost given up 40 miles in, but kept on, meeting up with Verzone along the way. Thirteen of 27 entrants finished the 170-mile race.

— From the issue of June 19, 1997

30 years ago in the Homer News

An outbreak of chicken pox hit Homer, with the Homer Medical Clinic seeing more cases this spring than other times of the year. Spring is the most common time for chicken pox to hit, but Dr. Rod Wilson of the Alaska Department of Health and Human Service said doctors don’t know why that is so. Dr. Bill Bell of the clinic said children with chicken pox should avoid scratching, which can cause scars. Calamine lotion works. Dr. Bell also has devised a home remedy: a lotion made from Alaska red algae that reduces itching.

— From the issue of June 18, 1987

50 years ago in the Homer News

An Anchorage dentist, Dr. William J. Marley, who had been traveling to Homer on a part-time basis to treat patients, has decided to move his practice permanently to Homer. For now he will use the dental office at Homer Hospital until other arrangements can be made. Dr. Marley and his wife Judy are living in the Cooper Apartments.

— From the issue of June 22, 1967