Years Ago

20 years ago in the Homer News

Nanwalek students expanded Sea Week, an annual focus on marine biology, to include village elders and other community members. The program included tidepooling, launching kayaks built over the winter, language and cooking classes, traditional Native arts and crafts, and a potlatch. “It’s really interesting to get back and do Native things again,” said senior Kilann Moonin.

— From the issue of May 15, 1997

30 years ago in the Homer News

A 24-hour opening the week before brought in 12 million pounds of halibut, but not without cost. One man died, four fishermen were injured, three boats sank and a dozen boats had to be towed. Fish buyers complained some fishermen didn’t gut or ice fish. Some fishermen gutted fish at the dock, a practice shut down by the Department of Environmental Conservation. Cook Inlet was thick with boats. “It got so after a while we were trading places with our gear,” said fisherman Mike Flora.

— From the issue of May 14, 1987

50 years ago in the Homer News

Homer High School added some gold to its trophy case when the track team won the State Class B championship, beating rival Kenai High School with an overall team score of 99 points to Kenai’s 86. Coach Dewayne Johnson said the win came from a coordinated team effort. Homer had previously won the Kenai Peninsula Borough championships in track and cross country.

— From the issue of May 18, 1967