Years Ago

20 years ago in the Homer News

Homer’s growth rate has fueled a boom in home sales and construction. In the previous 10 years the city issued 180 building permits, and in 1996 it issued 29, with 1997 expected to be about the same. Bruce Turkington, manager of Spenard Builders Supply, estimated there are twice as many homes going up this year if construction south of Anchor Point is included. Buyers are coming from elsewhere in Alaska to retire, said Bay Realty broker Deb Leisek.

— From the issue of June 12, 1997

30 years ago in the Homer News

Brother Asaiah Bates, 66, has mellowed over the years. His letters to the editor expound on “the great wheel of destiny spinning through the corridors of time” rather than political topics. He said he served on the Homer City Council in 1969 to help Homer accept its hippies and long-hairs. Today they’ve joined the establishment, Asaiah said. “They’re fishermen, they own land. Look at me. I own my own home,” he said.

— From the issue of June 11, 1987

50 years ago in the Homer News

A work party was scheduled for June 17 to build tables and benches at the new campground at the fair ground, now Karen Hornaday Park. Construction will be done at the City Dock on the Spit. Gravel work on the new campground is almost done.

— From the issue of June 15, 1967