Years Ago

20 years ago in the Homer News:

An ammonia cargo ship gave those on the Spit on Tuesday, Aug. 20 an unpleasant surprise when the ship let off an emission of the noxious gas. The amount measured on the Spit when firefighters responded was 18 parts per million, which is not considered to be a dangerous level. Federal regulators allow up to 25 parts per million in a workplace, according to then-Fire Chief Robert Purcell. As the night wore on, it became apparent that the ammonia gas was wafting from lime green cargo vessel Berg Sund, which was anchored in the bay awaiting space at the Unocal fertilizer plant in Nikiski where it was to take on a full load. The release was caused by pressure built up in a tank, where a small amount of liquid ammonia was circulated to keep the ship’s tanks cool. Unocal stated that it plans to instruct its chartered vessels to avoid vapor releases in the future.

– From the issue of Aug. 22, 1996

30 years ago in the Homer News:

The fish to beat as of Sunday, Aug. 17, 1986 was a 312-pound halibut caught by Homer resident Tony DeMichele. With the prize nudging toward $12,000, DeMichele’s fish beat out the previous derby leader, a 224-pound halibut that had the top position for more than a month. The 37-year-old’s previous fishing record was a 250-pound halibut. DeMichele was fishing on the Sourdough, skippered by Vic Hartley of Homer Ocean Charters. The derby ends Aug. 31 at midnight, leaving little time for another angler to steal the top spot. However then-Chamber Director Becky Paul pointed out that it is the time of year for huge halibut to be reeled in, such as the 372-pounder caught on Aug. 27, 1985.

– From the issue of Aug. 21, 1986

50 years ago in the Homer News:

Results for District F, Election District 10, which included Homer, reported Yule Kilcher as the Democrats’ victor and W.I. Palmer as the Republicans’ victor for the senate position. Kilcher received 576 votes, while Palmer received 359. For the state representative position, Homer Swires led the Democratic primary with 382 votes, while Clem Tillion was the sole Republican running and received 462 votes.

– From the issue of Aug. 25, 1966